iTunes Top 10s

iTUNES ELECTION DAY RETURNS: Tuesday is a day of change…but at the top of the iTunes albums and singles charts, not so much, as incumbents Taylor Swift and PSY once again dominate the popular vote. Indeed, the top songs look familiar from top to bottom. If you want action, check the top albums, where the preorder on One Direction’s $14.99 deluxe edition is at #2, one notch above Ne-Yo’s debuting, cleverly titled R.E.D. And check out that modern-day punk compilation on Fearless at #4. Aerosmith sits at #6, sandwiched between metal band All That Remains and Christian rockers Third Day. Hip-hop’s future is capably represented by Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar, both of whom we project as long-term winners. (11/6a)