Independents Speak Out

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENTS: Glassnote’s Daniel Glass and BeggarsMartin Mills of the Worldwide Independent Network have formed a Global Council and issued a ten-part Independent Manifesto setting out “a clear view of the basic, unchanging beliefs and values which together bind the global independent music sector, as well as calling for action in areas that are particularly significant for independent music companies.” Glass, Mills and Emmanuel de Buretel have been appointed “to give weight and authority to WIN's global stature, and to be a representative, authoritative voice from across the worldwide independent industry.” The manifesto calls for action in areas which are particularly significant for independent music companies, including lobbying for equal market access and parity of terms for all music companies regardless of size or stature, pushing for transparency in the digital market and improving the independent sector's representation within collecting societies. The founding Council consists of 15 international representatives of the independent recorded music sector; from Australasia, the U.S. and Europe, with representatives from Asia and Latin America to be confirmed in early 2013. They will formally endorse the Independent Manifesto during a press conference at Midem. (1/28a)