Box office

YOUR IRONCLAD WEAKEND BOX OFFICE: So did Leo’s Jay Gatsby triumph over Robert Downey Jr.’s third outing in that Marvel-ous red suit of armor? Get serious, people. In its second week, Disney’s Iron Man 3 emphatically held onto the top slot, grossing another $72.5m to $51m for WB’s Gatsby. As for the stats, Iron Man 3 was down -58.4% from its massive debut, but the movie still averaged $17,040 in 4,253 for a total domestic take of $285m. But Gatsby opened strong as well, despite decidedly mixed reviews (like that mattered), averaging $14,460 on 3,535 screens. The Paramount action movie Pain and Gain was a distant #3 with $5m in its third week, as moviegoers chose to go with the two biggies to the near-exclusion of everything else. (5/13a)