Corson ups Borns to Head of Pop/Rock Marketing

BORNS AGAIN: They’ve got a short and sweet new executive title at RCA: Head. Has a nice ring to it, if you ask us. We know this because we just received word from Nipper that Aaron Borns shall hereafter be referred to as Head of Pop/Rock Marketing, rather than his previous job title, SVP Marketing. The 19-year RCA veteran will continue to report to President/COO Tom Corson, who busted out a quote for the occasion: “Aaron has done an amazing job developing progressive marketing campaigns for many of our superstar and developing artists. His creativity, drive and expertise are immeasurable and have made him an invaluable part of our executive team.” Even in his excitement, Borns remembered to thank Peter Edge and Corson for "this amazing opportunity.” Good thinkin', dude. (6/28a)