Asylum reboot

ASYLUM GRANTED: Nope, this bit of breaking news is not about Edward Snowden. According to a source, the recently dormant Asylum imprint is being resuscitated under the umbrella of the Mike Jbara-headed ADA. The intention is to attract up-and-coming urban acts to the indie distribbery as well as giving future releases a label nameplate familiar to fans of the genre. Asylum U.S., the source tells us, will have nothing in common genre-wise with the pop-leaning Asylum U.K., run by Ben Cook, which has done well with Ed Sheeran. Word is that longtime Atlantic promotion exec Azim Rashid (current title: SVP of Special Ops) has been tapped to head up the stateside reboot. Any resemblance to David Geffen's original, wildly successful 1970s label—home of the Eagles, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Waits, Warren Zevon and Joni Mitchell—is purely coincidental. (7/11p)