Trial update

TRIAL UPDATE: AEG Live’s defense team yesterday introduced documents indicating the promoter had envisioned a 186-show worldwide tour for Michael Jackson in the year before his death, the AP reports. These docs had Jackson earning $132 million—far less than the $835 million that accountant Arthur Erk had projected he would’ve earned from 260 shows around the globe. Jackson’s earnings would have exceeded $1 billion if merch sales, endorsement deals and a Vegas show, were added in, according to Erk. AEG’s lawyers were attempting to counter the plaintiffs’ contention that Erk’s estimates were supported by the promoter’s own plans. AEG Live projected that Jackson would earn between $22 million and $30.7 million for the London This Is It shows. Interestingly, the L.A. Times’ Wednesday coverage focused on the animosity between Jackson family lawyer Brian Panish and AEG attorney Marvin Putnam, which had become so intense that the judge warned them in chambers that they could be sanctioned if the feuds continue and prohibited them from speaking to reporters about the case near the courtroom. Panish and colleague Kevin Boyle said Putnam had refused to shake hands with Panish and called him "despicable." Last month, Putnam accused Panish of giving him the finger twice. (7/18a)