The Cleaner 2

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Republic Records presented the above short film, The Cleaner 2: Welcome to La Fiesta, at the Clear Channel confab last week, and it killed. Of course, killing is what it's all about. The original The Cleaner saw Republic ruler Monte Lipman retrieving old friend Charlie Walk from a Buddhist sanctuary and restoring him to his role as The Cleaner. The action-packed sequel, which is something of an homage to Scarface, finds Lipman and Walk putting the screws to artist Enrique Iglesias, whose album isn't done yet. Filmed on location at Republic's New York offices and in Miami, it co-stars (among other players) Gary Spangler, Trina Tombrink, Y100's Alex Tear and, in a brutally effective cameo, head of UMG Latin Entertainment Jesus Lopez. The flick was written, directed and edited by Michael Alperowitz from a story by Monte. The takeaway: Do not fuck with Republic. (7/25p)