Cowell selling Syco stake?

SYCOTIC REACTION: Simon Cowell is looking to cash in at least part of his stake in Syco, his 50/50 joint venture with Sony, claims a story in the New York Post. “He wants to sell, to have Sony buy him out,” one source familiar with his thinking told Claire Atkinson. “He’s had some interest from other parties.” Another source whispered in her ear, “Sony could extend the deal or buy him out. It could go either way.” Cowell is being advised by UK retail investor Philip Green, who also has a small slice of Syco. “Simon feels like he brings a lot more than they are recognizing,” one source said, adding that the “negotiations have been going on for a year and a half.” Last week, Cowell, who’s 53, topped Forbes’ annual list of the top-paid TV personalities, earning some $95 million in the year ended June 2013. Cowell and Sony formed Syco in January 2010 to launch The X-Factor in the U.S. The U.K. original has, of course, spawned One Direction. “The relationship has been extraordinarily productive, and the relationship has been great,” said a source close to Sony, whose reps declined comment, it says here. Season three returns to Fox on Sept. 11. (8/14a)