UVS frontwoman Sarahis a superstar—truly a breathtaking performer who even had me dancing, and my friends know I don’t dance.
This Week, Jesse Steers His Way Through a Raging Sea of Estrogen

This week, Wheels is all about the ladies—three female voices, each doing a paricular style of music, but all capable of more than holding their own when it comes to fronting a project. Also, check out with my interview with Mari Dew, who manages Evans Blue. Keep feedin’ my inbox: [email protected]

Jessie Baylin
(www.jessiebaylin.com) has just completed recording a new album, her second studio record. Her 2008 debut on Verve was met with much critical acclaim, and Jessie toured quite a bit to support it, building a solid following. To my ears, her new record falls somewhere between Dusty Springfield's milestone Dusty in Memphis, Shelby Lynne and Neko Case. Jessie played a well-received set at Bonnaroo, and is currently setting up residence shows in N.Y.C., L.A. and Nashville. We were blown away when we heard her new songs and, although Jessie is currently unsigned, it won’t be long before some lucky label swoops in and picks her up. For more info, contact Tom Sarig: [email protected]

UltraViolet Sound
(www.myspace.com/ultravioletsound): Radiating extreme energy and amazing sonics, Ultraviolet Sound obliterates the distinction between pop and electro. These underground sensations are set to blow the lid off 2010 and share their message with audiences worldwide. We featured this dynamic duo last year and have been following their progress ever since. Their single “Suck My Kiss” will be hitting the clubs in about two weeks and will be going to Pop radio in late September. With nonstop touring alongside the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and other name acts, they’re poised to bust through. UVS is frontwoman Sarah Hudson and Sami D, who plays the keys. Sarah, for those who haven’t seen her live yet, is a superstar—truly a breathtaking performer who even had me dancing, and my friends know I don’t dance. The group is signed with Odds On Records and will be releasing their album mid-September. Check these guys out—they are the real deal.

Female-fronted group out of the OC, only in their infant stage, and although their music is rough and unpolished at the moment, the power and tremendous range of frontwoman Nomi Abadi comes through loud and clear. It wasn't until Nomi began writing her own music in the winter of 2007 that she discovered her true passion for piano composition, and fell in love with jelling piano with voice. She couldn't help but draw from her biggest influences—including Glenn Gould, Maria Callas, Metallica, Radiohead, Muse, Bjork and The Mars Volta. “They remain some of my biggest inspirations to date,” says Naomi. The four bandmembers have mastered their individual sounds, and all are equally original. Nomi’s versatile piano plating, with an edge of Bach and crying vocals alongside Marty's sultry, stylistic guitar lines, are complemented not only by Arthur's virtuoso melodies and effects, texture and fullness, but also by Max's splashy beats and live character. WonderThings is one step ahead of the curve. They have seamlessly fused alternative rock while keeping their roots in classical and metal, making for a delicious blend of upbeat yet dark melodies. “We believe this is where all good music is headed,” Nomi continues. “It's all about love, your roots and loving your roots. We are a wonderful team, and we know our roots.” This is definitely a group to keep your eyes on.

The new single from Air Supply, “Faith in Love,” impacts AC radio next week.

Hi Mari, as a hands-on manager of Evans Blue, can you tell our readers a little about what its like to be on the road with a rock band?
Every day is definitely a new adventure, and no matter how well you plan, you can't imagine how things will actually shake out. Flexibility and ingenuity are key. This trip has been a long one and will cover 9,000 miles over six weeks, but it has been a great bonding experience with my band and an excellent way to promote the new album and the killer live show. We are taking it back old-school and meeting radio, press, and fans face-to-face, and regardless of the latest technology, I believe that this is still the best way to spread the word. Ironically enough, this tour with our skeleton two-person crew of myself and our fantastic driver/merch/video/jack of all trades Bull Shipley has been smoother than any of our previous tours with crews of three or four. Our team of seven is running like a well-oiled machine.

How did you get your start in the music business?
I started out managing a band and then segued into booking at Wynne Entertainment in Dallas while I was still in college in the lat ’80s, but Mark Niederhauser (then at Giant Records) gave me my first gig on the label/radio promotion side of things as his assistant in 1991. Funny how things come full circle, and I ended up transitioning back to management from radio promotion all these years later. My passion for artist development brought me here, but I couldn't do what I do now without the amazing radio, label and industry connections that I made throughout that part of my career.

Other than Evans Blue, what music are you currently listening to, signed or unsigned?
I represent two other awesome artists who are currently recording new material in the studio with my partner, producer Trevor Kustiak, who also produced all three Evans Blue albums. Rains is a band from Fort Wayne that has just started on their second album, and the first single "Tearing Us Apart" will be mastered later this month. Their song "Liar" was a hit on Sirius XM Octane, and I cannot wait for people to hear how their sound has evolved since the first album. In My Coma from Toronto will finish recording their debut album with Trevor this fall.

In the music business nowadays, it seems like the labels hardly spend any time really developing acts, whereas you have taken the approach of creating a company, Sounds+ Sights, which helps develop and nurture developing acts to then be able to pitch to major labels. Can you talk a little bit about this?
Artist development has always been my passion, and it is crucial to a successful career. How so many labels are missing that is beyond me. I have no musical talent myself, but I do have an eye/ear for it and a knack for promoting it. I was lucky enough to connect with my partner Trevor, who has an incredible talent for capturing the best of an artist in the studio and creating just the right recordings for me to take to radio. We are a solid team, and we believe in superserving our artists and developing superstars rather than just good bands. We feel very lucky to be working with the three artists on our Sounds+Sights roster and very proud of how far they have come in their own rights. We are also in it for the long haul...the marathon rather than the race...and we and our bands believe that is how you have to be in this current climate in the music industry.

We get the artist ready and then find the right partner to help us take it further. In the case of the new Evans Blue album, we have teamed up with FOF/EMI for the physical release of the CD and carved out a modern, progressive deal that will be mutually beneficial for all of us. We are very excited and believe that is the way of the future...the old models are broken and need to be fixed.

You found Evans Blue in Canada, how does the music scene out there compare to the music scene in the U.S. and abroad?
Canada definitely has a unique music scene, some of which I loved and some I was not too crazy about. But I believe that the beauty of music is the freedom to like any aspect of it, in any combination we choose. In turn, our musical tastes make us unique. There is some truly special talent in Canada, and I think the openness of the mindset there contributes to it.

Final Question, if you could be any type of candy, what would it be and why?
Ha-ha. Junior Mints, of course. Best damn candy ever.

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