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Wheels 2.0's Erica Ramon is live on the scene at the annual SxSW hoedown in Austin, TX, and will be doing the Twitter thing to let you know what's happening moment-to-moment at Stubb's, along Sixth Street and everywhere you can't get into it. Don't quibble about grammar or punctuation... The information is what's important, unless it's wrong... then blame her, not us. Keep an eye on this section for constant updates throughout the week.

- It went from a 3 hour flight to a 9 hour attempt to get home. 427 has finally arrived. Perez was on my flight....in coach.about 11:13 PM Mar22nd

- Goodbye bbq, goodbye 6th street, goodbye pedi cabs, goodbye FADER, goodbye Red Bull, goodbye Austin. It's been real and that's a wrap! 6:21 AM Mar 22nd

- Glad I passed on Red Bull tonight since it got shut down for noise. What did the police think was going on in Austin this week? 2:35 AM Mar 22nd

- Kanye disappoints, but hey, we were introduced to 27 new artists. 6:56 PM Mar 21st

- Did I come to see Kanye or all of his friends?! 30 mins into the set and he has done one song and some ooo's and ahhh's. 6:35 PM Mar 21st

- Fader is reminiscent of Coachella. Too many people, dirt, Andy Gumps, Hipsters 3:39 PM Mar 21st

- Fader Fort to reunite w/ my Grammy dance partner, Kanye West...and others. 2:59 PM Mar 21st

- Buzz band Ra Ra Riot sounded good. Crowd is getting antsy for The Aiborne Toxic Event. Line outside is incredible. 12:48 PM Mar 21st

- That could quite possibly be the worst sushi I've ever had. Headed to Rachael Ray to sort out TATE guest list chaos. 11:25 AM Mar 21st

- If you've added me on twitter and you're in Austin, come say hi. On the agenda (which will likely change): Rachael Ray, Fader, Perez, RB 8:30 AM Mar 21st

- Wonder how the pedi-cab would fair in L.A..... 11:25 PM Mar 20th

- Rob McDermott, Alicen Schneider, Brad Barrish are all in the crowd "whippin' it" 9:45 PM Mar 20th

- Austin Music Hall is packed!!! Devo fans taking over w/ their props and their dancing shoes! 9:15 PM Mar 20th

- I needed a little Tricky in my life!!! 8:18 PM Mar 20th

- Matching red track suits, high energy: Datarock! 7:22 PM Mar 20th

- If there is anyone you ever want to run into, hang out at the 4 Seasons bar...in any city-it's the place to be 5:53 PM Mar 20th

- Wrapping up a mtg with Ben McLane and then off to recharge before Tricky and Devo 5:05 PM Mar 20th

- Doin' the mainstream thing-gonna see Third Eye Blind at the convention center 2:46 PM Mar 20th

- (A very late) lunch w/ Izzy at the 4 seasons. Tim Mandelbaum just joined. This is the place to see and be seen. Shocker. 2:15 PM Mar 20th

- NY Dolls, Nada Surf, The Airborne Toxic Event, Sub Pop Records. Do these mean ANYTHING to you? You're missing it all at rm 18abc 11:12 AM Mar 20th

- Up next: The Sound and the Fury w Hits' goddess Karen Glauber, TATE's lead man, Mikel Jollett and more. Come here, rm 18ABC NOW!!! 11:04 AM Mar 20th

- The BMI/Billboard brunch awaits! 9:52 AM Mar 20th

- On stage for Lady Sov-thanks Noah!!! 12:42 AM Mar 20th

- Beatards on before Lady Sov at Moon Tower. Pleasant surprise. They sound good! 12:35 AM Mar 20th

- Got my golden ticket, time for Moon Tower!11:05 PM Mar 19th

- Got lucky and stumbled upon Peter, Bjorn and John at Emo's. Now I can skip them at Coachella....maybe 10:18 PM Mar 19th

- @chloedancer AMAZING!!! 7:30 PM Mar 19th

- Tori sounds incredible. Crucify is amazing live!!! 7:20 PM Mar 19th

- Rollin the right way to Erin McCarley and Tori Amos. Thank you Marni Wandner! 6:10 PM Mar 19th

- Matt Pinfield is right behind me. His comment after 30 seconds: "they're great," but we knew that!!5:18 PM Mar 19th

- TATE's taking the stage at Bat Bar. Crowd is stoked...so am I!!!! 5:16 PM Mar 19th

- Lots of expense accounts present at the Davis/Shapiro Party. Paul Adams, Michael Patterson, Joe Maggini, Sam Cox, Jeffrey Worob, Jeff Jampo l4:58 PM Mar 19th

- Searching for the Energizer Bunny for those portable berry chargers. If you've got the scoop, let me know!!! 3:34 PM Mar 19th

- Jumped on a the bandwagon w/ @totallytobin and we're checkin' out Mumford and Sons at the SESAC stage 1:44 PM Mar 19th

- Re-hydrating with Tobin Watkinson and Jason Reynolds at Myspace before making my way to AP 1:27 PM Mar 19th

- Droppin' by Myspace for a bit to see what's poppin' on the acoustic front 1:15 PM Mar 19th

- Grabbing a bite w/ Craig Bruck before O+S at Maggie Mae's 10:34 AM Mar 19th Scratch that. Gonna check out the convention center. All the bands I want to see play later 9:57 AM Mar 19th

- Rhapsody party is light and nothing is really going on. Off to Spin at Stubb's 9:46 AM Mar 19th

- Margaret Cho in the house. Got a pic to prove it, but not that savvy on the twitter deal yet. Feel free to provide tutorial! 7:14 PM Mar 18th

- Me Talk Pretty about to take the stage. In attendance (in no particular order): Eddie Applebaum, Todd Parker, Jason Jordan, David Boxenbaum 5:38 PM Mar 18th

- Hanging w/ Hits' new addition, Me Talk Pretty, before their gig at the Pure Volume party. Come find me! 4:11 PM Mar 18th

- I'm addicted to the Nico Vega record. Checkin' them out at Maggie Mae's. They have a HUGE sound for a 3 piece!!! 1:58 PM Mar 18th

- I was just hand delivered my BMI/Billboard Brunch invite-only badge, care of Casey Robison. I could get used to this :) 1:23 PM Mar 18th

- Creative Control's Joel C. High and Hunnypot's John Anderson hanging out for The Arkells on stage now. Next up: Wheels pick, Mother Mother 1:00 PM Mar 18th

- Finally moving on from the disaster of a badge pick-up line at Pure Volume. Time for Canadian BBQ VIP style. 12:50 PM Mar 18th

- Correction: Amanda Palmer 11:03 AM Mar 18th

- Radio Room for the Paste party-M. Ward, Amada Palmer, Black Joe Lewis and more 11:02 AM Mar 18th

- Caught a glimpse of Theresa Andersson at Ioda on the way to lunch. Hope she's playing again this week! 9:54 AM Mar 18th

- Headed to Lunch with Marlene from BMI. Taking a break from the abundance of BBQ 9:46 AM Mar 18th

- Telekinesis at Mohawk. Sounds good 9:03 AM Mar 18th

- Badge-check! Fader wrist band-check! Let the day begin!!! 8:03 AM Mar 18th

- And I would walk 500 miles.....to see The Proclaimers. Quite an excited crowd at Latitude tonight! 7:48 PM Mar 17th

- Brit chick w/ soul. Alice Russell is rockin' out. 7:09 PM Mar 17th

- Great catchin up w/ all the BMI peeps, now off to British Music Embassy for Alice Russell and others 6:18 PM Mar 17th

- BMI's Howdy Texas at Stubb's. Elliott Brood band on, David Garza up next. Good music, good food, good people in the crowd. 5:00 PM Mar 17th

- Just landed. Headed to hotel to set the goods down and let the week begin! 3:14 PM Mar 17th

- Officially boarded. Just a few scattered biz peeps on the flight. Austin here I come!!! 11:54 AM Mar 17th

- Packed and ready to go. Gonna get a good night's sleep before the chaos ensues. 10:01 PM Mar 16th

- Still not packed-nothing like procrastination. T-15 hours til lift off 8:47 PM Mar 16th

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