The energy at The Joint was like being at Bruce and U2 combined!!


HITS’ Vegas Correspondent Joan Myers Gets Blown Away by Macca at The Joint
Right after his show-topping turn at Coachella, Paul McCartney flew into Las Vegas for a Sunday night performance to mark the grand opening of The Joint. Our own Fab Fourphile, Joan Myers, was there to record her emotional response.

“I was alone/I took a ride/But I knew what I would find there…”

And it was more than anyone could have asked for. Sir Sexy spent well over two hours at the grand opening of The Joint in Las Vegas taking me and more than 4,000 lucky fans on a journey of the soundtrack of alot of our lives…and seemed to be having a ball doing so. The energy at The Joint was like being at Bruce and U2 combined!!

The Cute Beatle played every song I wanted to hear and if there was one he missed, I have no idea what that would have been. There were 33 in all and probably 30 that everyone sang along to, opening with “Drive My Car” and ending with “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band,” along with a rare performance of Let It Be’s “I’ve Got a Feeling.”

He played a little bit of Jimi’s “Foxy Lady” and told a story about Sgt. Pepper being released on a Friday, then going to a Hendrix gig the following Sunday and hearing him open with the title track. “How cool was that?” he marvels, still as impressed as he was back then. Paul also told the old story that “Yesterday” came to him in a dream and has been recorded by over 3,000 artists, mentioning that there were versions by Elvis and Sinatra, where the lyrics were changed from, “I said something wrong,” to “I must have said something wrong,” joking that “They were hedging a little there.”

Just watching him on stage, with footage from Help! on the gigantic screen behind him, I noticed he hasn’t changed much at all down to the fact he was wearing Beatle boots. Macca looked great and who cares if his voice wobbles every once in awhile. Just makes him human.

All of his Beatles mates were also a part of the evening, with loving tributes to John and George, as well as his late wife Linda. The night was truly spectacular and took this fan on an emotional journey back to being eight years old and remembering the moment I opened my Beatles 45 record player, and knowing I wanted to be in the music business.

Thanks, Sir Paul, for reminding me why I’m still in this biz…and feeling happy and fortunate to be here.

Thanks to everyone at The Joint for the great sound and hospitality.