One thing’s for sure… We will never see his likes again.


Relive those Years with This Montage of His Greatest Moments
The music world came to a complete halt today to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, and we here at HITS can only add our condolences to the Jackson family and everyone all over the world affected by his music and art and mourning his passing. One thing’s for sure… We will never see his likes again.

In his honor, we have compiled some of the King of Pop's greatest video moments as our own tribute.

Here's a three-part collection of his greatest Grammy moments, put together by the good people at the Recording Academy in between dying Neil Portnow's beard black:

Here's the great "Billie Jean" video, the one that broke the color barrier at MTV:

Here's Michael moonwalking his way into immortality on the Motown 25th anniversary shown in 1983, which busted him wide-open:
The John Landis-directed "Thriller" video which launched MTV, and Michael, into the media stratosphere.

Michael Jackson's tribute to Charlie Chaplin's "Smile," which Brooke Shields described as "his favorite song":