The evening’s musical event was highlighted by a searing set from Filter and a surprise showing by Sugar Ray.


Fire Marshals Called In to Disperse the Bermuda-Clad Retail Hordes as They Overrun a Seminar
The 51st edition of NARM officially kicked off Sunday night at the San Diego Marriott with the annual cocktail party, hosted again this year by Rhino. Although the crowd was slightly thinner than last year, HastingsJohn Marmaduke spoke for the entire convention when he noted that every company you needed to do business with was in attendance, with the dealmakers from those companies all here.

The party was preceded by what is also becoming a NARM staple, as UMGD and Fontana jointly hosted a very well-attended shindig in the Universal suite, with mass quantities of food and drinks consumed by the retail revelers.

Indie seminars were going strong all day in advance of the convention itself, with the session headed by A2IM’s Rich Bengloff having to turn people away. Homer’s Mike Fratt estimated that around 150 people showed up, way more than the expected 60, prompting the fire marshals to threaten to shut it down.

The evening’s musical event in the Gas Lamp District’s On Broadway club featured multiple stages and was highlighted by a searing set from Filter and a surprise showing by Sugar Ray. The place was packed and—for the first time ever for a NARM show—open to the public, discernibly ramping up the energy level (as you may have noticed, industry crowds can be subdued at times). The event was sponsored by Verizon and Rocket Science.

Other performances included Trick Daddy, Smile Empty Soul, Joe, Dollyrots, Pink Spiders and a DJ set from Love and Rockets.

More coming later today following the opening session and keynote interview with Activision CEO Daniel Rosensweig.