Among the highlights was seeing A&R reps checking out showcases on Fremont St. while stopping in at a nearby casino to roll some dice at craps during set changes.


Rodel Survives the Temptations of Sin City and the Blast-Furnace Heat of Fremont St. Yet Again
The Amplify Music Conference is in the books. The little Las Vegas confab is proving itself as a viable music destination to scout unsigned talent while also serving as an intimate hang for industry folks, reminiscent of SXSW’s early days. Several hundred acts from across the country submitted to the conference this year, but only 80 were selected to showcase during the three-night event. The following 10 that were asked to perform again on the final night of the conference: Ultraviolet, One Pin Short, Kyle Sherman Band, Verbatym, Age of Reason, Guilty by Association, Otherwise, The Strip, Overview and Searchlight. Links to their MySpace pages can be found at www.AmplifyMusicCompFest.com. Some of our personal conference highlights included winning a few hundy playing blackjack with SideOneDummy’s Bill Armstrong at the Bellagio, following a group dinner at Prime with Interscope’s Jeff Sosnow, legal eagle Leslie Frank, Killers manager Robert Reynolds, who was hangin’ with Bravery manager Pete Galli, ChrysalisSara K., Capitol’s Heather Peggs, American RecordingsAntony Bland, publishing exec Harry Poloner and Merchandise Company’s John Mathiason. There was also casino hopping with Daughtry manager Stirling Mcilwaine, then running into MySpace’s Jon Pikus and Island’s Will Westfall on Fremont, just outside the Glitter Gulch. Hmm... More showcase-hopping and late-night dice rolling with Pulse’s Jason Bernard and SESAC’s Josh Feingold and Jamie Dominguez at the El Cortez (our new favorite spot). During the “Women in the Biz” panel, an audience member asked the female panelists if they “cry in the workplace in order to get what you want?” Whoohaa! He’s lucky he walked out of there alive. Meanwhile, we hit some billiard balls with EMI Music Publishing’s Matt Messer, Universal Music Publishing’s Monti Olson, Chrysalis’ Scott Cresto, ASCAP’s Tom DeSavia and Jennifer Knoepfle in the Panels Green Room. Another highlight: seeing A&R reps checking out showcases on Fremont St. while stopping in at a nearby casino to roll some dice at craps during set changes—pretty funny. It was a blast! We look forward to next year… BACK IN TINSELTOWN: When Universal Music Publishing finalized its merger with BMG Songs last week, it instantaneously made former BMG Songs Prexy Scott Francis a hot free agent. What’s next for the seasoned publishing pro? Christina Aguilera, Yellowcard, Chris Daughtry and Maroon 5 are among the acts that were signed to the pubco under his watch. You can reach out to him at [email protected]... Finally, what’s up with veteran A&R exec Ben Goldman? Word on the street is that the former Sony exec is launching a new music venture with some heavy power players… BUZZIN’: Moving Picture Show, Nathan Chapman and Stepsonday… Hit me up: [email protected]

STRANGLER Tues., Aug. 28, 7:30 p.m., Troubadour, L.A.
SOUNDS UNDER RADIO Fri., Sept. 7, 8:00 p.m., Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn