LENNY: phil costello is now gone. we need to have a get-to-know-you dinner or something to acquaint ourselves with the new people who will come in
IVANA: nobody has an expense account--i guess we're buying
LENNY: no way, fuck the new people then. if they don't have expense accounts, what good are they? this compliance thing is annoying
In This Week’s Episode, PoMo’s Own George & Gracie Search for a Weasel Who Still Has T&E
IVANA:  it's another fun day in the pomo world—I’ve been rearranging the deck chairs as my friends swiftly bail off the sides
LENNY:  hey, am i back in the column?
IVANA:  if you'd like
LENNY:  i want back in, enough of the ted volk, mike tierney hooha. i am pomo!
IVANA:  ok, pomo, what do you make of our format?
LENNY:  where'd everybody go while i was banished?... howie miura is gone, ron cerrito is changing jobs—i can't tell my players without a scorecard
IVANA:  geordie is departing hollywood, but not before breaking benjamin is top 10, which is imminent
LENNY:  so the faster he breaks breaking benjamin, the faster he is expelled. makes sense to me
IVANA:  we're hearing that gary spivack is joining del williams, which is great for all involved
LENNY:  and phil costello is now gone. we need to have a get-to-know-you dinner or something to acquaint ourselves with the new people who will come in
IVANA:  nobody has an expense account--i guess we're buying
LENNY:  no way, fuck the new people then.  if they don't have expense accounts, what good are they? this compliance thing is annoying
IVANA:  at least they have promotion budgets to market records. oh, right, they don't have those either
LENNY:  hey, on a positive note, did you hear that virgin's red jumpsuit apparatus record has enormous positive research at aol?
IVANA:  i hadn't
LENNY:  it is true, it is not only researching as alternative music, it is researching overall
IVANA:  that bodes well for bill and howard and hilary shaev’s team to deliver yet another hit for the format
LENNY:  they know how to grind these records in today's difficult times
IVANA:  did you see that they're closing out 30 seconds to mars: live105, krox, wlum, etc.
LENNY:  they are impressing the heck outta me
IVANA:  i know. you keep bringing up how great bill is. i'm beginning to get paranoid
LENNY:  bill is delivering like crazy
IVANA:  and i'm just crazy
LENNY:  um, not sure how to respond
IVANA:  it's nice to have joel back
 LENNY:  joel has some smashes outta the box
IVANA:  he's killing with the new godsmack single, and pulled MAJOR adds this week on that hinder song
LENNY:  hinder will be one of the breakthrough acts of the year
IVANA:  you read it here first
LENNY:  i said it here first
IVANA:  ted is doing great with panic channel--dave navarro's new band. dave will be EVERYWHERE now that rock star:  supernova has premiered on cbs.
LENNY:  wow, strong
IVANA:  this year the band is tommy lee, gilby clark and jason newstead
isn't there another one also that is like big brother meets american idol
IVANA:  that's later this summer
LENNY:  i'll be sure to miss them all
IVANA:  i will tivo them all
LENNY:  my summer shows are the closer and saved so far
IVANA:  ron cerrito has massive rock songs right now: lostprophets and the new crossfade, not to mention my favorite, coheed & cambria's "wake up," which kndd added this week
LENNY:  he'll be leaving HOT, which is always a good thing
IVANA:  i wonder if the #1 most added record this week will have more than 10 adds--it's BRUTAL
LENNY:  amazing, amazing, amazing... as casey stengel usta say at the early ny mets
IVANA:  you're jumping on the mets bandwagon because they're doing better than the yankees this year
LENNY:  what music are you liking? and don't start bashing the yankees just yet
IVANA:  i love the new zero 7 record--parts of it remind me of the alan parsons project, which i intend as a compliment. i adore the new guster cd, which came out last week. there's a band on j called say anything that's quite good, also think the new razorlight is a smash. sherri is into the band peeping tom--mike patton's new project. i think placebo's "infra-red" is their best shot at radio domination. it's on astralwerks--who are EXPANDING their radio department as others shrink theirs
LENNY:  expanding?  someone is expanding?
IVANA:  astralwerk's radio department added dave barbis, tom boback and dave sholin, who move over from emc. astralwerks has an unbelievably awesome roster of bands
LENNY:  do tell?
IVANA:  fatboy slim, placebo, chemical brothers, air, radio 4, phoenix, etc. bands whose cds i'd buy
LENNY:  that is impressive
IVANA:  jeremy at beggars was here a few weeks ago playing songs from thom yorke's solo record. i'm glad radio is playing "black swan"
LENNY:  how is that album, i haven't heard anything yet
IVANA:  i love it-but i love radiohead
LENNY:  as do many others
IVANA:  so what advice do you have to offer
LENNY:  advice about what?
LENNY:  golf?
LENNY:  the nba draft?
LENNY:  movies?
LENNY:  world cup soccer?
IVANA:  how those of us who spend our days trying to get records played on pomo stations retain any shred of sanity and self-esteem
LENNY:  1.  promo people should not have self-esteem on tuesdays
LENNY:  2.  patience patience patience
LENNY:  3.  valium
IVANA:  what if you can't take valium
LENNY:  hmmmmm
LENNY:  spa treatments?
IVANA:  ick
LENNY:  hmmmm
LENNY:  prada?
IVANA:  on MY salary?
LENNY:  oh well, say goodnight, gracie.... happy birthday to the USA and to me and my daughter sofee as well
IVANA:  here's the thing--i want to be part of a team that breaks artists. it's what i know. it's hard to feel like anything is being accomplished right now! i mean, i know it's happening through the Internet and other resources, but i still believe in the power of radio
LENNY:  as do i
IVANA:  even if they're losing faith in themselves
LENNY:  i still am optimistic that the tide will turn
IVANA:  that's because it's your birthday.  happy birthday to you and sofee
LENNY:  thanks, glad to still be alive

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