Although I’ve built many solid relationships over my four years here, I felt that, with the way the music business has been going, I needed a change of scenery.


Longtime Editor Grabs His BlackBerry Curve, Bids the Cesspool Adieu, Takes a Real Job
I wanted to start off this week’s Planner by letting everyone know that it will be my last. I have accepted another job offer and will be leaving the HITS family next week. I‘ve enjoyed my time here and have learned a lot. Although I’ve built many solid relationships over my four years here, I felt that, with the way the music business has been going, I needed a change of scenery. So I now hand the duties of Weakend Planner to my father and Barrett, but I expect to make some contributions here and there. A part of me is very sad to be leaving HITS because these folks are basically my family, but I’m very excited for the new opportunity and a real chance to make an impact and my mark in this world.
Jesse Beer

Friday, Aug. 31st
Family Values Tour featuring Korn, Evanesence, Hell Yeah, Flyleaf and more @ Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Marysville, CA

Dodgers vs. Padres @ Petco Park: The Dodgers kick off a 10-game road trip against the Padres. The Blue Crew is suddenly red-hot, winning 10 of their last 14, but going into Petco will be no easy task because the Padres are hot as well. David Wells will pitch the opening game of the series, and wouldn’t it be sweet revenge if he returned to beat the team that let him go?

Heavyweights of Comedy Tour featuring Arnez J, Earthquake, Rodney Perry, Bruce Bruce, and Kevin Hart @ Gibson Amphitheatre

Barrington Levy @ House of Blues San Diego

VHS or Beta @ Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia

Saturday, Sept. 1st
Screamfest '07 featuring T.I., T-Pain, Yung Joc & Lloyd @ Gibson Amphitheatre

Catherine Denise w/ Dug Mug @ Café Boogaloo, Hermosa Beach

Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Echo, L.A.

Stoney Curtis Band @ Sand Dollars Blues Club, Las Vegas

The Shins @ Bumbershoot, Seattle

Sunday, Sept. 2nd
The Summer Strummer Festival featuring Augustana, The Exies, Ian Moore, Jesse Malin, Mat Kearney, Test Your Reflex and more @ Bergamot Station, Santa Monica

Incubus w/ The Bravery @ Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas

Sara Bareilles w/ Jon McLaughlin @ Epicentre, San Diego: If you haven’t seen Sarah live, you are missing out. She has an amazing voice and presence.

Beyonce w/ Robin Thicke @ Staples Center

Starring: Tyler Mane, Sheri Moon, Scout Taylor-Compton, William Forsythe, Malcolm McDowell, Danielle Harris
In this update of John Carpenter's classic horror movie, director Rob Zombie goes deep into the psychology of what makes a serial killer. Disturbingly evil even as a little kid, a young Michael Myers kills his sister and is sent to a mental hospital where he's treated by Dr. Loomis who becomes obsessed with his young patient. Years later, an adult Michael escapes and goes on a killing spree, especially going after a trio of beautiful teenagers on the scariest night of the year.
Thoughts: You know, part of me thinks this will be a really good remake, because Rob Zombie always has a way with crafting his films. If nothing else, it will be scary as hell.

Necessary Steps to Branding Your Band

By Barrett Yeretsian

1) Have a clear understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and what your goals are in the music industry.
This first step involves identifying what sets you apart from every other artist who is trying to become successful in the music industry. What do you stand for? What is the message you are trying to communicate? What is your story and why should anybody care? After these questions are answered and you have a vision of who you are, you can clearly define your goals.

2) Make sure you know your target audience very well.
Know your fans! Learn everything you can about your target demographic. What do they believe in? Are they 12 years old or 52 years old? Do they spend their leisure time at hip nightclubs or on golf courses? Are they likely to buy your CD or will they just illegally download your MP3 online? This is one of the most important steps in branding that many don't even consider.

3) Make sure everything you do as an artist is in line with your vision and appeals to your target audience.
If you are a ’70s funk/disco revival band, don't co-headline a tour with Cannibal Corpse and don't settle for the horrible logo that your good friend Dave made for you (remember, the vampire in the coffin with an afro?). Your band name, your logo, your stage persona, your merchandise, your choice of where to perform and which partnerships to forge should all be in line with your vision and your target demographic.

4) Create a culture of your own.
Don't just pass out fliers for your next show, make it an event! Don't just write a bio on your website—tell an interesting story that captivates the reader. Your fans shouldn't feel like fans; rather, they should feel like they are part of something bigger, an exclusive culture. They "get it," while others don't.

5) Consistently apply these principles and reap the rewards.
If you know who you are, what you stand for and what your goals are, you're already ahead of the game. If you know your target demographic, you're in better shape. If you work hard and consistently make good decisions that are in line with your vision and appeal to your target audience, you have the beginnings of something special. When you create a culture surrounding your band, you are a powerful brand! And don't forget to write great music…

Barrett is currently producing several talented artists, composing for film and television, performing with and writing songs for several of his own projects and teaching the drums at all levels. He welcomes and encourages any and all feedback relating to his column. You can email him at: [email protected]