IVANA: btw your favorite utensil has 3 shows in la next week
LENNY: are you referring to spoon or knife
IVANA: spoon, of course
LENNY: i'm over fork. fork is so last year


Spoon, Mad Men, New Pornographers, Coheed and Cambria, Flight of the Conchords Help Set the Table

LENNY: what in the hell are we gonna write about?
IVANA: the same crap we write about every week. we'll drop in the words "beasing," “bill carroll” and "kroq" a few times so we seem like we're paying attention
LENNY: funny. and we can also put in mike tierney's name, since we had the scoop on his new position at k-rock ny
IVANA: and we can congratulate mike tierney on his move to k-rock nyc
LENNY: like i said. and we could also say the summer is finally over and maybe there'll be some action soon, although you can't tell it from the add at alt radio this week
IVANA: the format lost another station this week: wavf charleston flipped to the "chuck" format
LENNY: whatthehellisthat? they serve hamburgers?
IVANA: adult/variety hits
LENNY: james taylor? billy joel?
IVANA: the new wavf played "take this job and shove it" into the clash's "should i stay or should i go"
LENNY: sounds like the music business in a nutshell
IVANA: hah
LENNY: hey, i heard some songs from the bruuuuuce album, very strong
IVANA: i think bruce is more alternative than most of the songs on modern rock radio these days
LENNY: there's a song called "the girls In their summer clothes" which is a smash
IVANA: i bought greetings from asbury park the day it came out. i'm a fan
LENNY: i am also
IVANA: i used to call the top 40 station in easton, pa. and request "born to run" until they finally played it. btw your favorite utensil has 3 shows in la next week
LENNY: are you referring to spoon or knife
IVANA: spoon, of course
LENNY: i'm over fork. fork is so last year
IVANA: we went through a "spork" phase too. the "flight of the conchords" is done for the summer--what will we do?
LENNY: hopefully there will be some fall shows to watch. and hopefully mad men will continue for awhile. mad men is awesome, as well as being quite angular
IVANA: that show, although not widely viewed, is having an enormous influence on clothes for fall '07 and spring '08
LENNY: even i have heard about the fashion factors, altho i can't say i think much of those pointy bras
IVANA: yes, i can imagine you wouldn't want to wear one
LENNY: well… i love that january jones wears party dresses while she is making dinner. it cracks me up
IVANA: i heard you met with my friends at matador last week-how was that?
LENNY: quite angular, obviously. lombardi's office is a fucking nightmare. it looks like he hasn't moved in yet. there is no place to sit, and you have to move piles of paper to find the phone
IVANA: wait, that sounds like my office
LENNY: your office is anal compared to his. but he has good music, i like the new pornographers
IVANA: i love them. and the new cat power covers 2 cd should be big. but i'm most excited about the new coheed and cambria cd!
LENNY: it rocks the hey-ouse.... when is the add week for “the running free,” it's already pulling big phones
IVANA: next week
LENNY: oh cool, then we'll call next week the official kickoff of the new season
IVANA: yeah, this week definitely doesn't feel "new," but at least we're not outside, where it's 115 degrees! so perhaps we should reconvene in a few weeks, after the new year, when we party like it’s 5768?
LENNY: oy vey
IVANA: say goodnight, gracie

LENNY: oy vey