"Stations that have a reputation for involving their listeners, being very transparent, and with successful heritage personalities are doing the best."
—-Dave Beasing
From Betting on Dancing with the Stars to Coachella to a Career in Real Estate, They Cover the Waterfront
IvanaBAdored:  Any interest in doing a column with me this week?
DaveBeasing:  What would we talk about?
IvanaBAdored:  Dancing With the Stars?
DaveBeasing:  Haven't been watching but could probably fake it: I have $20 on 80-to-1 odds, offshore, that Heather loses her leg.
IvanaBAdored:  Those are strong odds. If you were a betting guy, anything else you'd be wagering on?
DaveBeasing:  Anytime you can get 80-to-1 odds, you should always take it.  If John Mellencamp wins an Oscar, I'll be so rich.
IvanaBAdored:  He was the guest critic on Ebert & Roeper this week. As a critic he makes a good songwriter
DaveBeasing:  He only likes movies about the plight of the American farmer.  I'd bet that the most happening place within 30-miles of Coachella this weekend will be FM 94/9's house.
IvanaBAdored:  The food there is always excellent and it's always a fun hang. Rumor has it you'll be making the scene this year. Any bands you're looking forward to seeing?
DaveBeasing:  94's house at Coachella is like the Real World, and I get to be the not-so-closeted gay guy.  Hang on, let me get my pocket schedule out.
IvanaBAdored:  It's going to be in the high 90s, but it's a dry heat
DaveBeasing:  Anyone who produces a festival knows what that means:  BIG BEER $$$.
This is my first year at Coachella, but I just couldn't resist the line-up.  So many bands, so little time. Interpol, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Decemberists, Crowded House and Lemonheads (showing my age there), and Rage Against... something.  Never heard of 'em.  But rage against anything is always good.
IvanaBAdored:  It's the foundation of our format
DaveBeasing:  Q101 had an incredible interview with Tom Morello right after he'd done an impromptu set with Zack in Chicago.  I'm hoping they have it streamed by now.
IvanaBAdored:  Tom was on my panel at SxSW--he's the greatest
DaveBeasing:  He insisted that Q101 not play any commercials during his interview, so they blew them all out for about 2-hours. 
IvanaBAdored:  yeah, not the best time for an ad for the Army to suddenly appear
DaveBeasing:  or Wal-Mart.
IvanaBAdored:  It's nearly halfway through 2007. How's the year shaping up so far for PoMo radio?
DaveBeasing:  2007 in modern rock... I won't lie to you.  It's been a mixed bag again.  As the "on demand" generation takes control, literally, it becomes increasingly difficult to find mass appeal music.  Stations that have a reputation for involving their listeners, being very transparent, and with successful heritage personalities are doing the best.
IvanaBAdored:  What do you mean by "transparent?"
DaveBeasing:  One small example:  KPNT in St. Louis didn't know whether to play Good Charlotte, so they put it to a listener vote via text.  The difference between old media and new isn't technology, it's interactivity.  Listeners don't want a top-down message from "the man," they want to shape the message themselves. 
IvanaBAdored:  Like KNDD's decision to play Linkin Park—they did an online poll and the response was overwhelmingly "yes"
DaveBeasing:  Exactly.  It's not a one-way street anymore.  You may not be able to top each listener's iPod, but you can be a collective one for them and their peers.  Otherwise, they consider you a shill for evil corporate interests or some suit like Dave Beasing. It also helps to have a self-deprecating sense of humor.  Wanted to demonstrate that part.
IvanaBAdored:  I am a fan of your humor, you know that! What's the status of "call-out research" in this climate?
DaveBeasing:  It's still one tool to use, but you'd have to be a tool to interpret literally.  Or to use it as a convenient reason to drop something, knowing that the poor weak defenseless record person can't argue.  If you want to know a secret -- and you shouldn't put this in your column (go ahead) -- 9 times out of 10 that's why callout gets blamed.  You can't argue. Woops.  The secret is out.
IvanaBAdored:  What's a poor defenseless record person supposed to do?
DaveBeasing:  Real Estate. At least realtors can still buy you a nice sushi dinner.
IvanaBAdored:  Ouch. What are you advising your stations regarding the currents they play? Is there room for "passion" records like Arcade Fire, Amy Winehouse, etc? Are we denying ourselves the chance to develop future stars for the format? Am I asking too many questions?
DaveBeasing:  In order... Be careful, definitely, and maybe.  Without doing unpaid endorsements to non-clients, the big reaction records are the ones to play these days.  It's a YouTube world.  Is their #1 video today going to be #1 next week?  Not usually.  Either they react right away, or -- bye bye.  Think how old the Imus story is now, right?  The world is moving fast.  You have to keep up.  150 spins at low rotation, then callout... fahgettaboutit.
IvanaBAdored:  But radio rarely shares that sense of urgency-like play The Shins NOW because everybody is talking about them. and how can any new artists break!?
DaveBeasing:  I know, I know... and to radio's credit, that's not the way they're usually being worked by the labels either.  The whole system reeks of 1970. 
IvanaBAdored:  What are the labels doing wrong?
DaveBeasing:  No offense, but charts are for chumps.  Your consumers don't think in terms of "singles," but we're still peddling "the new song from so-and-so" as if everyone hasn't had it on their iPods for 8-months. 
IvanaBAdored:  Interesting point
DaveBeasing:  I'd seriously love to go back to album or artist based charts.  Stations would still gravitate toward some emphasis tracks because we need hit songs, don't get me wrong.  But the industry's tracking system is hopelessly outdated.
IvanaBAdored:  It's silly that a spin in Johnson City counts the same as a spin in Los Angeles. It doesn’t reflect the real reach of a record.
DaveBeasing:  Hey, I have a client in Johnson City!  but you're right.
IvanaBAdored:  The HITS PoMo chart also factors in sales, btw. Modest Mouse debuted at #1 in sales on the strength of one format—that's an achievement!
DaveBeasing:  A chart should factor in sales, and so-called illegal downloads, too.  Let's be real.
IvanaBAdored:  And ticket sales. And myspace friends. And google searches
DaveBeasing:  and whether they adhere to call times.
IvanaBAdored:  hah-i'd never be able to compile a chart! Lenny says the business has never been in worse shape, but when you're at Coachella this weekend, you'll honestly feel like it's more vibrant than ever—when you aren't passing out from the extreme heat, of course
DaveBeasing:  good point.  Coachella demonstrates that the music is healthy.  It's the music business that's in trouble.
IvanaBAdored:  time for young whippersnappers like ourselves to take over!
DaveBeasing:  Yes, we clearly have all the answers.  If someone would just IM us, we'd spill everything.
IvanaBAdored:  On that note, I’m looking forward to hanging with you in the desert...
DaveBeasing:  Likewise... So until then, say Goodnight, Gracie
IvanaBAdored:  Goodnight!
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