Ivana: i've seen plenty of changes in the 24 years i've worked "in the format," but nothing as radical as what's happened this year!

TedVolk: so why are all these good people not working? we have this perfect storm that is taking place and its very painful to watch and even harder to explain


If The Donald Can Sit In for Regis, Then Capitol’s Ted Volk Can Do the Same for Lenny
Ivana: hey ted
TedVolk: hey karen!
Ivana: lenny's on vacation this week--can you pretend to be him for the sake of this column?
TedVolk: my pleasure
Ivana: it's easy--just talk about the clippers and make pronouncements about the state of our format
TedVolk: he probably needed some time off after that stressful playoff series with the Suns
Ivana: i think he was thrilled they got as far as they did
TedVolk: it was amazing talking basketball that included the clips until May 22nd....usually, well, actually, always, it’s about our lottery pick at that point
Ivana: there's been a lot of turnover in our format recently! people are dropping like flies! first, howie miura announced his "retirement" after 17 years at island. if howie had a jersey, we should retire it--wonder where it would hang?
TedVolk: Howie was an incredible record executive....he will be truly missed.....it’s hard to replace people like that....
Ivana: yeah, and then phil manning left kndd last week--talk about pillars of the format!
TedVolk: we both first met phil when he was the pd at woxy in cincinnati....he is another person who has had an incredible career....i will miss him as well.....
Ivana: and all those changes went down at 99X, most notably the departure of jay harren
TedVolk: change is tough on all of us.... I would think most people are uncomfortable with it.....it’s all happening way too fast right now
Ivana: and across the street in atlanta, that piece of shit pd is bashing leslie fram ON-AIR, when all she's been doing for the past few years is trying to fix what he screwed up
TedVolk: jay harren is one of those guys who hears records.....sees a trend ....understands a marketplace and what works at a radio station
Ivana: i've seen plenty of changes in the 24 years i've worked "in the format," but nothing as radical as what's happened this year!
TedVolk: so why are all these good people not working? we have this perfect storm that is taking place and its very painful to watch and even harder to explain
Ivana: do you think it comes down to one's ability to hang on for dear life as the storm hits, or is it as simple as circumstance?
TedVolk: but let’s start with arbitron... how in the world do you get a 24 or 27 year-old male in particular to fill out a diary? We need to call steve jobs asap... better yet, from what pds tell me, you can only reach these people through a land line....but if 50% of your audience only has a cell phone, well, then how do you compete?
Ivana: you pray for "people meters" and a herculean sales staff
TedVolk: it seems the tougher the ratings the less new music gets played.....which then makes it tougher for everyone. but, I love what wfnx is trying with the sponsorship from snapple this month. to me, that could be just huge......
Ivana: yeah, wfnx is commercial-free all month, underwritten by snapple. i was teasing keith dakin that he was being replaced by wendy the snapple lady. like at sxsw, only the beverage and clothing companies had money to throw the parties
TedVolk: if keeps moving wfnx forward....sign me up!
Ivana: you know that keith's special talent is that he can trace any actor to bill murray--it's a different spin on the six degrees of kevin bacon game. i figured out how to trace wendy the snapple lady to bill murray in only two steps
TedVolk: LOL
Ivana: what were you saying yesterday about the PoMo format only playing 30% currents?
TedVolk: that seems to be the number these days. it obviously makes it much tougher.....but that is the rule of engagement presently
Ivana: once you take out the "automatics," like tool, rhcp, etc., and then the crossover active rock songs, that leaves how many slots for "new, alternative" music?
TedVolk: for us, we try to find fans of our music and do everything we can from a marketing perspective once we get an opportunity at a station......
Ivana: even then, everybody is stretched so thin, aren't you finding that the follow-thru at most stations is sketchy at best?
TedVolk: much tougher than ever before.... i know everyone out there is doing everything they can........we try to stay positive and hope for the best. That’s not much I know, but you gotta think that way
Ivana: i agree--i mean, it's going well with arctic monkeys, damone and some of the other new bands i'm involved with--what's on your plate right now?
TedVolk: I love what you have done with those records
Ivana: and we have a morningwood tour we'll be working on together--they're their own best promo people: put chantal and pedro on the radio and they charm EVERYBODY
TedVolk: for us we are thrilled with dave navarro’s new band panic channel.....the first single is "why cry".....a great rock record....chantal is the shit......
Ivana: the format needs ROCK STARS. dave is an unmitigated rock star.
TedVolk: dave stops traffic. yellowcard continues to have success for us and ok go is on tour with panic! at the disco.....great building steps......plus our new rock band hurt has been doing great
Ivana: ok go are one of the best live bands on the planet!
TedVolk: you rock
Ivana: no, my dear, that would be you.
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