Radio programmers keep telling us they are aftermarket players; well, hello, programmers—the aftermarket is here.


In Which Our Esteemed Editor-in-Chief Tells You Why That iPod Nano Ad is Working for Feist
Television’s power to SELL records has never seemed more profoundly apparent than in the case of the current iPod Nano commercial featuring the Feist video for "1234." The ubiquitous airings of the spot have set off an unprecedented sales explosion on one of the year's best and most deserving artists.

Backed by a big push from Rick Krim and the VH1 team, the album sold its first 200k and had recently slowed down, languishing in the 5k-a-week range, with radio support coming only from the Triple A format. Then, over the last two weeks, with the iPod spots blowing out everywhere, album sales have jumped—first to 14k and this week to 19k—and even more significantly, digital single sales have exploded through the roof! The ranking trend is 137-21-7, with sales hitting 73k this week. And there is no end in sight.

As of this writing, the single is sitting at #4 on the national iTunes chart, while the album has zoomed all the way up to #6. This stunning development, and the visibility that comes with it, will now make my prediction that Feist will be one of the Best Album Grammy nominees a stronger possibility than ever. (If we write her name next to Kanye West, Bruce Springsteen and Amy Winehouse [lock, lock, lock], then there is only one more answer to that puzzle.)

So now what happens? Isn't it time for radio to catch the Feist wave and get in the game? Radio programmers keep telling us they are aftermarket players; well, hello, programmers—the aftermarket is here. And isn't it time for MTV to join VH1 and get behind this monster success? Can you just imagine what will happen when this great artist and great song are storming up the Hot AC and Top 40 lists and being featured everywhere? We could actually see another giant sales story racked up in this most difficult year.

A reason to smile? You betcha.

Great music + great exposure will still move the consumer! We have been harping on this point and will continue to harp. Of course, you still need something of quality to begin with; otherwise, all the exposure in the world won’t make it a hit.

Give us your reactions to the media exposure being lavished on Feist. Tell us that you took the time to listen to this great album. Tell us what other great music you feel is out there and needs more of a push. Tell us what you think about the use of songs in commercial spots. Send your responses to [email protected]


Hey Lenny!

Diggin' the blogs! Wanted to tip you to an artist I think you'll enjoy...

L.A.-based singer/songwriter named Meiko. (www.myspace.com/meiko or www.meikomusic.com)

You'd mentioned in your Feist blog that radio programmers need to finally get in the game with "1,2,3,4"...

In Meiko's case, let's go back a few steps further, to the LABELS being aftermarket players... HELLO!

Here's the story developing with Meiko (full disclosure: I'm her manager). She's still unsigned. She's still unpublished.

Top-selling Folk album on iTunes for three weeks in a row...

Next week she'll be the Indie Spotlight artist on iTunes U.S. and iTunes Canada...

The following week, her song "How Lucky We Are" will be the iTunes Free Discovery Download track...

Her album is a Top 5 Seller at CDBaby...

Her song "Reasons to Love You" was prominently featured in last night's season premiere episode of Grey's Anatomy

Her song "Hawaii" will be featured in a Grey's episode which will air in a couple of weeks...

This Sunday, she'll play a sold-out show at the El Rey in L.A., being "Presented" by gossip-blogger Perez Hilton (who has written about her four or five times on his blog)...

She just finished a successful month-long tour with Brett Dennen, and will go back out on the road in support of Mat Kearney.

SOLID support from Nic Harcourt, Chris Douridas and the KCRW team over the past few months...

Have a listen! And have a great weekend!

Mike Savage

Hi Lenny:

Five days ago, I started asking around about this song, after seeing it on ESPN. It sounded like a hit, as soon as I heard it. I'm glad you wrote about it, because it deserves the exposure. I am disappointed that no one in L.A. is playing it. Maybe they are waiting for the research to kick in:-) The groundswell that is growing for this song/artist is fabulous, but it's sad when a TV ad becomes the vehicle for new music, not the sources we traditionally rely on. Where are the ears of our industry? Everybody complains about the shitty state of new music, and
here is a fastball down the middle and nobody gets it! If it wasn't on ESPN, I never would have heard or seen it, as I don't watch TV. Thanks for supporting and exposing such a talented artist.

Stu Cohen


Hey, I also agree that GREAT MUSIC still sells!!! I also have an artist that should be listed in unsigned great acts... New Orleans native and son of Stevie Wonder (figuratively): PJ Morton (www.myspace.com/pjmorton)

His story is similar to Meiko's (who I think is a superstar artist, too). PJ Morton is a Grammy-award winning producer and songwriter for India.Arie, and is currently writing hits for artists like Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis.

He has toured with artists like Chrisette Michele and Johnta Austin and we're currently talking to Jeff Robinson about the Alicia Keys tour, and if anyone has a direct connect with Mr. Stevie Wonder we would love to go on the second leg of his tour.

He's sold thousands of records totally independent from his shows, iTunes, the trunk of his car, and MySpace. But we are trying to get some more exposure such as VH1 and good PR work. I would love to talk to you, Mike Savage, I understand how hard it can be managing an artist as talented as Meiko, and not getting the major label support. So if you could email me at [email protected], we may be able to brainstorm some ideas and I may have someone who is interested in her as an artist.

Finally, I do have to say that, this week I realized, after meeting with [Epic President] Charlie Walk about another great artist, Atozzio, that there are still some executives that understand. Everything his team is doing there is great (people like Brandon Creed), is innovative and set to be the new major-label system!!! But please everyone check out PJ Morton. If you like good music, then you will love him.

Walter Jordanle

The Kelly Sweet We Are One CD is amazing. Her voice is like none other and the listening experience brings a transcendence.

The Japanese got it right away and it's blowing up, but there is no real exposure for her in the U.S. Probably because Razor & Tie, her label in the U.S., just isn’t a major.

Bruce Berman
Los Angeles, CA

OK, sir, since you have been giving Bob Cavallo and Lyor Cohen much more than their share of coverage these days, we are ready for these two events:

#1) The Battle of the "High School Musical Divas." Lets' see a little friendly competition between WMG's Ashley Tisdale and DMG's Vanessa Hudgens, who have been running pretty much neck and neck on all fronts.

#2) Following that, we will be ready for the "Battle of the Sister Pop/Rock Bands," as WMG's The Veronicas square off against DMG's Aly & AJ with their smash singles "Hook Me Up" and "Potential Breakup Song."

Now you're talking about a good, friendly competition....

Tom Hodges