TedVolk: you may not know this but ryan seacrest has a new company that can put a people meter chip inside your brain
Ivana: it didn't help the rating for the emmys, however. but i was happy to see 30 rock and the sopranos win.


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TedVolk: people meter me ivana
Ivana: i think you're a few years away, sorry. it's had a positive impact on john allers’ station in philly and ktbz in houston, so that bodes well for other modern rock stations in the future
TedVolk: you may not know this but ryan seacrest has a new company that can put a people meter chip inside your brain
Ivana: it didn't help the rating for the emmys, however. but i was happy to see 30 rock and the sopranos win.
TedVolk: I was at his new car wash the other day in the valley---- “ryan seacrest's hot wax and wash.” he was doing a meet and greet. i’m kidding, but seriously, who has more jobs than he?
Ivana: are you still watching californication?
TedVolk: I am glad you brought that show up. say, for example, you are tea leoni.....and every night david come homes with the dailies....and every night you see him in bed with another hot naked woman. do you get upset?
Ivana: i might be grateful
TedVolk: lol...how could you be grateful?
Ivana: i just saying, you never know... but you like the show, which is basically unwatchable, because you can see naked women under the guise of "art"
TedVolk: yes that is true. but in californication it's good nakedness!!
Ivana: i knew you'd say that. i still think it's an awful show (although i continue to watch it every week, mostly because i love weeds, which precedes it). so, you talk to a lot more radio than i do, what's going on out there? our label friends sound like they’re having the crap beaten out of them every week...
TedVolk: i feel for our front line heroes
Ivana: any highlights? bright spots?
TedVolk: always bright spots! spoon has #1 callout at knrk and wfnx. but what’s really hot is SNL on october 6 with seth rogan!
Ivana: that's pretty mindblowing. kanye is the musical guest the first week and spoon is the second week!
TedVolk: very much so! especially with seth rogan as the host. I love the fact that merge is going for the record again after the show. I think it's a great idea because more than 15 stations right now are having huge success with "the underdog"
Ivana: the song is a smash. #8 at triple a too
TedVolk: soon to be top 5
Ivana: i think with these "pure 12" records, as you call them, you HAVE to have non-comm and triple a support before modern rock kicks in
TedVolk: and then once you prove that, people should then really take a new look at what is happening. how about jj and his crew this week with coheed?
Ivana: q101, krox, wwcd, wtzb, knxx, and a bunch of actives--very strong
TedVolk: it’s off to a great start with now 15 major markets on!
Ivana: my dear friend alan galbraith had another huge week with seether too. his next #1!
TedVolk: no doubt, and through the xmas season to boot
Ivana: billy burrs and his team closed florida on velvet revolver and are finding believers for kings of leon's new one
TedVolk: “the last fight” is a great song....by far the best track on the cd
Ivana: and dave lombardi, dave barbis et al. landed kbzt and wfnx on vhs or beta this week! what a GREAT song
TedVolk: people always ask me how bill carroll and his crew does it? well, this week he is on another one of his 3000 mile—20 city visits tour setting up the next almost smash "southern weather" and sick puppies "my world"
Ivana: are you saying that bill and howard are the ryan seacrest of modern rock promotion?
TedVolk: well that would be unfair to my other favorite, joey scoleri, with the next no-brainer from plain white t’s.
Ivana: good point. he too is indefatigable (in·de·fat·i·ga·ble adjective - incapable of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring.)
TedVolk: excellent description. I think he enjoys it when a pd says no to him. it gets him going!
Ivana: any up-and-coming programmers we should be watching?
TedVolk: and don't forget another killer pure 12 record--- the editors. one of my favorite new guys, andy hawk at kwod added "an end has a start"
Ivana: i couldn't forget the editors--"an end has a start" is completely genius. as is band of horses’ new one, “is there a ghost,” which krbz added this week!
TedVolk: it's nice to see boomer get that gig at WFXH! it's just the beginning for this young career
Ivana: and he's one of 4 programmers in modern rock i could wish happy new year to last week! sara from touch & go was in town last week. i love the new pinback cd, which was #1 at lou's in san diego this week, beating kanye and fiddy!
TedVolk: how about that week christine and mark had with the bravery? live105, 91x, kndd and wrzx!!
Ivana: . did you know that "believe" is being used in the promos on nbc for friday night lights?
TedVolk: whoa..no kidding. nbc loves friday night lights! I’ve been meaning to thank you for egotastic.com. that’s my favorite new website!
Ivana: you've been threatening to start a blog for us--i'm getting a sense of what is going to be your primary focus
TedVolk: LOL....you started it.
Ivana: and now i'm finishing it. thanks for pitching in today
TedVolk: It's hard to replace lenny, but i’m willing to keep trying