IVANA: i saw that you were invited to an eliot spitzer fundraiser

LENNY: yep, $1000 a plate to eliot, if i paid i think that would count as a spin program! irving azoff is hosting the event—hysterical
Ivana Loves Her Howie Miura, While Lenny Enjoys His Little Willies
LENNY: i actually heard an album that i liked
IVANA: what?
LENNY: it is the norah jones side project called the little willies. it is a total joy
IVANA: just like being around me
IVANA: i'm completely enchanted with the new calexico record
LENNY: you should get me a copy, i've never listened to them
IVANA: you may still have the last two cds i gave you buried on your desk
LENNY: could be, the pile is getting really deep in here. i need an editor. oh, i AM an editor, nevermind
IVANA: so there are currently two indie label records top 10 at pomo, hawthorne heights and arctic monkeys
two good ones
IVANA: i'm not sure if this is a harbinger
LENNY: harbinger...good word
IVANA: or an anomaly
LENNY: anomaly....good word
IVANA: it's interesting that the two rock bands mtv picked for their new discover and download category are on indie labels: arctic monkeys on domino and flyleaf on octone
LENNY: flyleaf is a pretty big act, altho it appears to have hit the "girl lead singer" wall at alternative
IVANA: once mtv kicks in, that could turn around. every day is a wall at alternative, btw
LENNY: hopefully, they are a deserving band... maybe damone will be the one to break on through to the other side. and every day is a winding road. a long and winding road
IVANA: and your body is a wonderland, can we move on please?
LENNY: yes, i saw damone last week and they are an amazing young band with great songs
IVANA: leather tuscadero fronting cheap trick, even
LENNY: yeah, that too. i also like the del williams record by the tnt nba analyst
IVANA: gnarls barkley?
LENNY: yeah, him... great power forward
IVANA: gnarls barkley is a throwback r&b record in a lot of ways, but also groundbreaking LENNY: gnarls barkley is the funniest name for a band since the dead kennedys
IVANA: it could be as big a crossover hit as the gorillaz
LENNY: sounds very pop/r&b to me
IVANA: reo speeddealer was great
LENNY: how's the new thursday record, they are my favorite day of the week band. let's call max and ask him, he added it today
i should've stayed home today.
LENNY: i feel the same way
IVANA: it's tough to compete with a new tool song (not to mention one that takes up 7 plus minutes of airtime). but i can't say anything remotely critical about tool--maynard and i share a love of prada
LENNY: i liked him more in his earlier funnier days as a character on the dobie gillis show
IVANA: you should've stayed home for sure. i need to get you a copy of the new gomez record on ato. you'll love that
LENNY: yep, i couldn't sleep last nite, and didn't want to come in at all... i need new music
IVANA: they wrote a song that modern rock can definitely play: "this is how we operate"
LENNY: ah, a medical song
IVANA: i saw that you were invited to an eliot spitzer fundraiser
LENNY: yep, $1000 a plate to eliot, if i paid i think that would count as a spin program! irving azoff is hosting the event--hysterical
IVANA: btw, we have to congratulate steve kingston on his new gig as pd of "ethel" at xm
LENNY: yay steve. altho it's odd to think of ethel as a station
IVANA: it counts towards the chart, so it's a station
LENNY: too many memories of my daughter watching i love lucy all day
IVANA: there's a lucy channel at xm too. and fred (my fave)
LENNY: what do they play?
IVANA: different subsects of alternative music. blaze is walking around the office brandishing a bat. should i be worried?
LENNY: he was brandishing it at me too
IVANA: i want him to be happy--i adore coheed & cambria AND he's my resource for parking at coachella this week
LENNY: whoa, coachella, high on my MUST-MISS list
IVANA: once i figured out i didn't have to park with the masses, it's now a CAN'T MISS. i've gone every year. i buy tickets when they go on sale, etc.
LENNY: i'd rather be golfing, or watching the real charles barkley analyzing the nba playoffs
IVANA: i'll be watching gnarls barkley in the heat!
LENNY: this column today, like radio's add is one big TOOL
IVANA: i knew i shoulda stayed home. can we mention some names?
LENNY: sure
IVANA: make this about something other than ourselves
LENNY: ok, so mention some names. so we can finish, cause i’m busy doing nothing
IVANA: besides tool, lorraine caruso has another 3 days grace smash on her hands. i've known lorraine since she was the md at wsia staten island. jacqueline is the greatest
LENNY: she has cartel and 18 visions coming, very strong
IVANA: howie and christine are unstoppable, at least at press time
LENNY: although howie will shortly be leaving, he has officially resigned
IVANA: i can't talk about that. it makes me too upset and jealous
LENNY: because howie will be FREE FREE FREE. from the nightmare of tuesday
IVANA: what a silly job. i get told no all day, that is, if i can get people to return my calls!
LENNY: sounds like when i try to get a date
IVANA: eww
LENNY: i will miss mr. howie miura, a man of dignity with a strong sense of the ironic
IVANA: he's my favorite
LENNY: i thought i was
IVANA: he's my favorite label promo person, although i really do adore many others, who are supremely talented, especially in this climate
LENNY: so with howie leaving, you will need a new favorite amongst favorites
IVANA: everybody will be my favorite. remember my motto for the year: kill 'em with kindness
LENNY: how come you haven't tried that with me???? i get the same old i have pms hooha
IVANA: because it creeps you out when i'm nice to you
LENNY: that is true
IVANA: so while tool, red hot chili peppers and pearl jam monopolize the top 3 for the next while, any parting words of wisdom (and don't tell me there are 10 records in the top 10, that's MY line)
LENNY: irving actually said that line to me today when i abused him for supporting spitzer, and told him that there are less and less adds at radio, he hit me with it. so say goodnight, gracie
IVANA: good night, and good luck
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