Breaking Out for the Summertime.


Veronicas, Fall Out Boy, Natasha Bedingfield, Ohers are on AOL's List for the Summer
The Veronicas (Warner)
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17 Year Old Australian twin sisters. Think Avril Lavigne x 2, with a dash of PJ Harvey. They write their own songs, can really play, and have tons of attitude.
Trey Songz (Atlantic)
Young, charismatic singer who already has been in for AOL Music Sessions. Twista, Aretha Franklin and Juvenile guest on his album. Off to a great start at Rhythmic radio.

Fall Out Boy (Island)
Look for Fall Out Boy to follow in the footsteps of My Chemical Romance as the next breakthrough, mass appeal "emo" band. They have a ferocious base, and are already selling out shows at capacity's over 1,000.
Natasha Beddingfield (Epic)
"These Words" is one of the catchiest, most radio friendly songs of the year. Natasha is already triple-platinum in England, and Epic has put together a strong campaign to conquer the U.S.A.
Keith Anderson (Arista Nashville)
Country's next breakout star, Keith Anderson, is already making a splash with his single "Pickin' Wildflowers." Keith is no stranger to hit songs, having written the Grammy-nominated Garth Brooks/George Jones hit "Beer Run," as well as Gretchen Wilson's "The Bed." Keith's debut record "Three Chord Country & American Rock and Roll" showcases the many dimensions of his artistry, from dreamy ballads to rowdy rockers.

Yummy (Universal)
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19 yr old singer/songwriter Yummy, merges new school commercial hip hop chops with the best of classic soul. Yummy has worked with Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, Busta Rhymes, & Amerie, while being mentored by Rockwilder (Grammy winning producer for 50Cent, Destiny's Child, & Jay Z).