IVANA: I think i'd like to pursue the sony/bmg director of compliance job. i can say no in a variety of intonations and languages

CLIPRBOY: girls are good at that (at least when they are talking to me)


Stepping Off His Property for the First Time in Ages, Lenny Is Blown Away by Tegan & Sara
IVANA: good afternoon
CLIPRBOY: what's so good about it?
IVANA: it's a great day to break a band
CLIPRBOY: what bands are breaking today? better yet, i'll tell you what band i know is breaking NOW
IVANA: tegan & sara?
CLIPRBOY: yep. went to their show last nite and it was packed
IVANA: i was there too, remember?
CLIPRBOY: hmmmm, gimme a minute, you weren't the one who looks like michael plen? the merch table was mobbed, the fans were going crazy and they do not have a hit single yet
IVANA: "yet" being the operative word
CLIPRBOY: i agree, everyone should play them, they should have alternative hits, hot ac hits and top 40 smashes, the audience was young, old, males at least 50%
IVANA: haven't i been telling you that for months?
CLIPRBOY: you are preaching to the converted
IVANA: i went to san diego over the weekend for street scene. your favorite utensil, spoon, was playing
CLIPRBOY: how's radio in san diego?
IVANA: 91x's new pd kevin stapleford starts tomorrow and it’s always fantastic to hang with the kbzt crew.
CLIPRBOY: it should make for an interesting battle
IVANA: garett's last book was great. kevin and halloran used to work together at 91x back when i was still in the demo.
CLIPRBOY: i can hear both stations from laguna beach, so i'll be checking them out
IVANA: it's the return of the "pomo cabal" this year--max, stapleford, me, isquith, halloran, lorraine caruso, etc.-- all still in this 20 years later
CLIPRBOY: don't forget costello
IVANA: of course. speaking of cabals, what do you make of the latest "payola scandal?"
CLIPRBOY: in ten words or less.... IT SUCKS
IVANA: sucks that it still exists? sucks that it's even an issue? sucks that i won't be getting that plasma tv for my birthday?
CLIPRBOY: 1. sucks that it is further tightening radio playlists
2. sucks that the lines are so unclear
3. sucks that i have to return my plasma tv
IVANA: can you put in a good word for me -- I think i'd like to pursue the sony/bmg director of compliance job. i can say no in a variety of intonations and languages
CLIPRBOY: girls are good at that (at least when they are talking to me)
IVANA: i believe my birthday is on friday this year. as is my twin sister's
CLIPRBOY: who is older?
IVANA: me of course
CLIPRBOY: who is wiser
IVANA: i work at hits, so obviously she is
CLIPRBOY: good point, well brought out! can we now return to some music issues?
IVANA: i'm a leo, can't we continue talking about ME
CLIPRBOY: ok, what music do YOU like this week
IVANA: definitely the new bravery single "unconditional," which was added at knrk this week
CLIPRBOY: i like that one also. i also like “fix you” by coldplay and the new relient k on capitol
IVANA: [2:19 P.M.]: i also adore the new stellastarr single "sweet troubled soul," nearly as much as i love bill burrs and dennis blair. they were "most added"
CLIPRBOY: have you heard the new david gray, i like him but have not yet heard the song
IVANA: no. i'm even more anxious to hear the new pete yorn!
CLIPRBOY: wow, when is that coming out
IVANA: not sure, but i’ll be seeing him in boulder next week! lots of people are talking about the fray on epic
CLIPRBOY: that's off to a really good start
IVANA: i'll see them at red rocks next week--they're playing a ktcl show with the killers, spoon and m. doughty. ktcl has a new pd, btw, joe bevilacqua from dc101
CLIPRBOY: i have a question, do you think hawthorne heights is gonna happen at radio finally?
IVANA: if radio is smart..
CLIPRBOY: no codecils, yes or no? also, same question for 30 seconds to mars?
IVANA: definitely for 30 seconds to mars. jared called me last week to say hi. he said the tour with chevelle was huge and they're going out with the used next. although jared is obviously a super-dreamy heartthrob, the band's audience is mostly guys
CLIPRBOY: 20+ males usually means hit at alternative, go hil and bill
IVANA: lisa worden's last book at whfs was fantastic: 3.1-3.6 12+
CLIPRBOY: great job by lisa, she should move to a bigger market
IVANA: didn’t you hear, she’s going back to kroq as md on aug. 15!
CLIPRBOY: where’s matt smith?
IVANA: he’s leaving for a fulltime position at a sports station in la doing something for the biggest basketball team in the market
CLIPRBOY: my clippers?
IVANA: dream on. my pal lynn at krox austin is now #1 18-34! 12+ 2.8-4.3!
CLIPRBOY: that’s huge too.
IVANA: his protégé corbin pierce, pd at kmyz tulsa, went 2.6-3.6 12+
CLIPRBOY: this is good news, are these rock alts or alt alts
IVANA: red states that play a good percentage of "blue state" music
CLIPRBOY: excellent, i’ve always believed a combo is the best format
IVANA: now back to 30 seconds to mars--when bill carroll gets both krzq and wxeg in the same week, you know this is a record that can work at every pomo station
CLIPRBOY: great job, hit records should work at every pomo station
IVANA: so back to my birthday..
CLIPRBOY: oh yeah, your birthday.... happy 29th, sweetie
IVANA: i have a few reasons to celebrate: kbzt added dredg this week as one of its "august recommended" and krbz and kjee added interpol's "narc," as well as the aforementioned bravery add at knrk
CLIPRBOY: isn't interpol coming out with a repackage with dvd kinda thingy soon?
IVANA: the special edition of antics is coming out on august 23 and will feature individual band member's remixes of interpol songs and videos, plus an unreleased song. contrary to rumor, none of the videos is of me doing my "slow hands" dance. the band is doing another tour of the states in september, including the greek in la on sept. 20, which is ALSO the day the new coheed & cambria cd comes out! i hope i don't have pms that day...
CLIPRBOY: don't u have pms every day?
IVANA: here are the cds i want everyone to hear: spoon, augustana single, coheed "welcome home," magic mushrooms, the bees, teenage fanclub, matisyahu, engineers and robert plant
CLIPRBOY: get me copies asap. and time to say goodnight, gracie.... i have things to do and places to be and miles to go before i sleep
IVANA: like buying my birthday present?
CLIPRBOY: i am on my way to prada.... toodles
IVANA: awesome!!! goodnight, gracie

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