IVANA: i anticipate big things this year for my morning jacket

LENNY: most people wear jackets in the evening when it gets cooler, especially now that daylight savings time is over

IVANA: you're such an ass

LENNY: i resemble that remark
Ivana Is Preternaturally Tortured, While Lenny's As Smug As You’d Expect of One Who Bought Apple Stock in Early 2003
IVANA: i was trying to set my preferences on aol for something-i think i was changing the font to one that wouldn't annoy jeremy goldstein, and one of the setting options was "my default personality." that's what you're getting from me today.
LENNY: and what makes today different from all other days
IVANA: it would've only been different had that not been your response
LENNY: ok, so no difference on either side
IVANA: correct. this is our third consecutive weekly magazine-we're running out of material
LENNY: speak for yourself, i am ready to go. i would like to discuss the new trend in music
IVANA: jesus?
LENNY: nope, the polar opposite: hebe-hop reggae
IVANA: jesus was jewish, but not hasidic, like matisyahu
LENNY: eggsactly..... amy doyle from mtv told me that she went backstage to meet him, stuck out her hand to greet him with a handshake, and he kept his hands behind his back. no one told her the rules. either that, or snubbing the media is a good plan, cause the record is exploding
IVANA: i told you it would months ago, back when kbzt started playing it
LENNY: i also think the living things record is a major smash that will cross to pop
IVANA: no shit
LENNY: oooh, i love it when u get nasty
IVANA: oh please. you hate that i know stuff
LENNY: i assume you know everything, you even helped me discover alexi murdoch. what other things should i discover?
IVANA: knrk added another song, "sister jack," by your favorite utensil spoon. i think you'd like the magic numbers on capitol—they sound like a modern day mamas & the papas
LENNY: ted volk and capitol are having a huge week with coldplay, yellowcard and morningwood all looking big
IVANA: "talk" is my favorite song from the colpdplay record-it's the one with the big country-esque chimey guitars, and yellowcard's new single "lights and sounds" reestablishes their pomo base, rather than relegating them to the pop world, like simple plan did with their follow-up
LENNY: smart, the album is very strong, lots of hits. i think they are an excellent band
IVANA: and i could've told you more than a year ago that sia's "breathe me" was a hit, which it is now becoming
LENNY: while i remain "six feet under." how's coheed & cambria doing this week?
IVANA: great!—ron and his team landed kroq, kfma, wlum, wrax and a bunch of other tough ones, so we're making progress
LENNY: one big hit and that band is going all the way..
IVANA: early research is positive
LENNY: mtv2 elite eight and mtv proper are now supporting as well
IVANA: ted just got two more on morningwood: kfrr and krzq
LENNY: they have the most awesome video, wait til people see it
IVANA: jacqueline is closing the red states on franz ferdinand, which is definitely a hit. i'm in awe of lorraine's week on living things—more than a dozen stations already in this week on "bom bom bom," which is incredible for a new band, or even an old band, in this climate!
LENNY: i was at E/A with steve schnur and his great people and they are all in love with the bom bom boms
IVANA: i also anticipate big things this year for my morning jacket: kbzt added “off the record” and wavf added “anytime” this week!
LENNY: most people wear jackets in the evening when it gets cooler, especially now that daylight savings time is over
IVANA: you're such an ass
LENNY: i resemble that remark
IVANA: howie and christine are having a tremendous week with the new fall out boy song, "dance, dance," which is as "automatic" as a song can be (considering "sugar" took forever). the bravery start the depeche mode tour tomorrow!
LENNY: they have had a great year with killers, fall out boy and bravery.... howie & christine rock… i know, i may get a chance to see the tour at madison square garden
IVANA: i may be there too, in between xmas shows
LENNY: i'll be in new york to roast richard palmese for the city of hope. hard to say bad things about a guy as lovable as richard, i may need to bring in gilbert gottfried
IVANA: don rickles would be funnier
LENNY: he'd be funnier than me for sure. justin fontaine asked me the other day who mrs. calabash is, it made me feel old
IVANA: you'd feel a lot older if you had to spend your life with hillary duff and jesse mccartney like justin does
LENNY: true, altho i do like that beautiful soul song by jesse
IVANA: if you must . so my friend marc young, who used to be at kedj phoenix is at a new station in the market called star 97.5. they're going to play everything from frank sinatra to norah jones, jamie cullum to chris botti. not sure i can get them to play coheed
LENNY: howabout dianne reeves from the goodnight, and good luck soundtrack
IVANA: have you heard the white stripes version of "walking with the ghost?" i like both the white stripes and tegan & sara but this does neither band justice
LENNY: i agree, it is one of my favorite songs of the year and two of the best bands, but one and one make less than two here
IVANA: it could be worse - it could be limp bizkit's medley of motley crue's "home sweet home" into the verve's "bittersweet symphony." doesn't sound sweet at all
LENNY: oh well, i am anxiously awaiting tegan & sara's next album.... and i am recommending quite a few things from the grey's anatomy soundtrack for great at home listening
IVANA: my friend gina juliano is the new pd at kfrr Fresno. she used to be at warq in columbia, sc
LENNY: i hope she likes raisins
IVANA: there are some incredibly cool women in radio: leslie fram, lisa worden, michele diamond, kim monroe, nancy stevens, jaime cooley, lisa biello, to name a few
LENNY: karen glauber, sherri trahan
IVANA: we're not in radio
 LENNY: now say goodnight, gracie
IVANA: is that the best you can do?
LENNY: it's already better than i usually do!
IVANA: can we write this year off as a loss and watch our stock soar?
LENNY: or just buy apple and retire.... cya
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