Ivana: I thought you liked toby keith too
Lenny: actually, i like his earlier funnier work better
Ivana: my top 3 albums of 2004 are probably interpol, the blue nile and the polyphonic spree. and it's purely coincidental that I have the cell phone numbers of all three lead singers
Lenny: once again, same for me
Ivana Taps Interpol, Blue Nile and Polyphonic Spree, While Lenny Likes The Killers, Garden State soundtrack and Dean Martin

Ivana:  are we there yet?
Lenny:  where is there?
Ivana:   2005
Lenny:  yes, it happened last week while you were in easton for your reunion
Ivana:   where i partied like it was 1979
Lenny:  what were your favorite songs in '79?
Ivana: yes' "going for the one," todd rundgren’s "can we still be friends" and the first devo album, plus lots of prog rock
Lenny:  and what are your favorites now?
Ivana:   oh, I thought that's what you were asking before
Lenny:  no, let's play the list game..... what are your top 3 albums of this year?
Ivana:   creed's greatest hits, clay aiken's merry christmas with love and lil' jon & the eastside boyz crunk juice
Lenny:  we agree once again!!!
Ivana:   I thought you liked toby keith too
Lenny:  actually, i like his earlier funnier work better
Ivana:  my top 3 albums of 2004 are probably interpol, the blue nile and the polyphonic spree. and it's purely coincidental that I have the cell phone numbers of all three lead singers
Lenny:  once again, same for me
Ivana:   last night's episode of vegas centered around one of the lead's crush on the singer of the spree
Lenny:  the spree thing makes me wanna bleeeeeh
Ivana:   who was also named one of People's sexiest men alive (you're jealous)
Lenny:  ok, continuing.... what are your 3 favorite songs this year
Ivana:   hoobastank's "the reason," coheed & cambria’s "blood red summer and keaton simons’ "currently"
Lenny:  interesting, i haven't heard any of those
Ivana:   I'll download them for you.
Lenny:  has that hoobastank been on the radio at all?
Ivana:   only on college radio. big kxlu hit
Lenny: let's discuss the killers for a minute... i love them. my favorite song of the year is mr. brightside
Ivana:   really, my 3 favorite songs are franz ferdinand "take me out," interpol "narc" and tv on the radio "new health rock"—and the shins "new slang."
Lenny:  i like it a lot.... killers is my favorite rock album of the year.... garden state is my other fave
Ivana:   that's 2. what's third?
Lenny: the essential dean martin
Ivana:   you're nobody til somebody loves you
Lenny:  what are kris metzdorf's faves
Ivana: lenny wants to know what your 3 top albums of the year are
  Interpol, pinback, franz ferdinand
Lenny:  what the hell is pinback?
Ivana: they're on touch & go, like tv on the radio, from san diego
Lenny: what kind of music
Ivana:   good music
Lenny:  what kind of music is the music on capitol?
Ivana:  ‘90s manchester sound meets zepellin
Lenny: where did they meet?
Ivana:   glastonbury or reading—one of those festivals
Lenny:  are there any albums you are looking forward to next year?
Ivana:   the bravery!
Lenny:  even i have heard that one..... runaway smash
Ivana:   and the millionth posthumous tupac cd, where he raps over the music of mannheim steamroller
Lenny:  he's getting better with age, sort
Ivana:   did you know that interpol's "slow hands" is the highest charting truly "indie" song in years? matador has done a tremendous job
Lenny:  yes, bigger than taking back sunday and the biggest since early offspring
did you feel that?
Lenny:  feel what?
Ivana:  culture shifting with every interpol spin!
Lenny:  ok, let’s talk about some of your label friends, since they’re still taking your calls
Ivana:   the new muse single is causing "hysteria" at pomo, as goldklang lands wend, wrxl, kmyz, whfs and wedg this week! lynn has a smash with my chemical romance and another green day #1
Lenny:  these are good things for good people. what's up with that?
Ivana:   our beloved howie and christine have three smashes: sum41 "pieces," your fave "mr. brightside" and hooba's "disappear," which is a multi, multi-format monster
Ivana:   geordie landed cimx on elefant this week. you know, in canada they celebrate thanksgiving in october
Lenny:  and eat an elefant?
Ivana:  not sure if that's a delicacy up there, although i find diego from elefant quite delectable!
Ivana:   jenni sperandeo, who i believe is one of the smartest people in the biz, has exited virgin
Lenny:  that's bad, jenni is a very hard worker
Ivana:  my friends on the proverbial beach are coming to the realization there are no jobs out there
Lenny:  i have no clever comeback for that one
Ivana:   one of my favorite radio guys, alex quigley, is returning to chicago to do part-time at q101
Lenny:  someone is GETTING a job
Ivana:   am i insane to believe that there's ALWAYS a job, eventually, for the smart and talented?
Lenny:  yes… there are less and less chairs at the table
Ivana:   do you see any signs of improvement?
Lenny:  no, i feel the two major issues are cd burning and a&r
Ivana: is the situation reparable?
Lenny:  i do not know the answer to cd burning.... i guess this will be fixed with the end of the cd era… as for a&r, time and resources must be spent DEVELOPING artists, and no one but the indie labels seem capable of that right now
Ivana:   i agree. what about radio? the audience is diminishing
Lenny:  the audience is diminishing because of the ultimate evil... callout research.... if it is so great and everyone has this info, why is it not exploding people's ratings?
Ivana:   take "slow hands"—it doesn't research until 250 spins AT LEAST and then it EXPLODES, but it's nearly impossible to get some radio programmers to give it the exposure it needs
Lenny:  because progressive new sounds happen on the coasts way before the middle of the country.... remember the beginnings of the white stripes
Ivana:   kroq is playing "slow hands" now. i must dance
Lenny:  in that case, it's time to say goodnight, gracie and that way i can head back to my fulltime job
Ivana:   which is?
Lenny:  rooting for the 9-6 los angeles clippers.... toodles
Ivana:   ciao

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