LENNY: great bands like my morning jacket, coheed & cambria, morning-wood, kaiser chiefs, tegan and sara, etc, must break through… the new fiona apple album is great… kt tunstall is amazing… matisyahu is unique

IVANA:: a big part of the problem with trying to break artists is that one spin in l.a. counts the same as one spin in johnson city

LENNY: that has always been a flaw in the system

IVANA: it has to change


Hopefully, the Reconstituted Raspberries Will Be Sweeter Than the Present State of PoMo Radio
IVANA: here we are, another fun tuesday
LENNY: they are all fun.... that is if one can stay awake through them
IVANA: yeah, "most added" this week is blink-182, system of a down, weezer and staind. glad the pomo format is breaking new bands
LENNY: zzzzzzzzzzzz. wasn't this a new artist haven at one time?
IVANA: that was a verrrrrrrrrrry long time ago
LENNY: well, it is at least good to know i have a memory
IVANA: now it's more of a war zone for new artists rather than a haven, especially with certain stations imposing a new "criteria" for what stays on the air. of course, nobody appears to know what that criteria is, so it makes it a big guessing game
LENNY: isn’t the new criteria to play oldies, recurrents and automatics by big name artists that lean hard rock?
possibly. it could be completely different next week. suffice it to say, there aren't as many "risk takers" out there
LENNY: that's unfortunate because there are some great new bands that are suffering
IVANA: i think radio is the one who is ultimately suffering, since these great new bands of which you speak are selling tickets, cds, merch and are making a cultural impact
LENNY: and the internet will just jump in and gobble up the new music junkies
IVANA: don't get me wrong, i LOVE radio and listen to it at least 10 hours/day, but i also grew up listening to a transistor radio under my pillow, with a fairly progressive station, wsan, as my guide. kids have so many other options
LENNY: i think we all did the same when we were young, now the kids are doing it with their computers, ipods, etc. the great new bands will surface, it will just take a little longer, unfortunately at a time in the business where patience is running thin
IVANA: and grownups are discovering xm and sirius, as well as podcasting or listening to stations like kgsr, kexp, kcrw, etc. online. however, there are numerous truly talented programmers in the format, who are completely passionate about music
LENNY: well, then we need to start profiling them like people useta do in the early years, and the bands they are supporting.
IVANA: off the top of my head, the kroq-ers, mat diablo at krzq, lazlo at krbz, brad at wmad, jaime at knrk, corbin at kmyz, jack and andy at wwcd, lynn at krox, michelle at wrox, chris patyk, tim virgin at whfs, sean and aaron at live105, garett and halloran, kallao and marco, and jay and leslie at 99x come to mind.
LENNY: great bands like my morning jacket, coheed & cambria, morningwood, kaiser chiefs, tegan and sara, etc, must break through… the new fiona apple album is great… kt tunstall is amazing… matisyahu is unique
IVANA: a big part of the problem with trying to break artists is that one spin in los angeles counts the same as one spin in johnson city
LENNY: that has always been a flaw in the system
IVANA: it has to change
LENNY: we just have to keep writing about the great bands and keeping their flame alive....
IVANA: nobody can tell me that kroq airplay has an equal impact in the scheme of things as airplay in markets without even a bus station, let alone a record store or a club! and as long as the success of a record is predicated on a chart that measures each spin equally, we're fucked. especially when the directive in some of these smaller markets is to tighten up even further and go harder
LENNY: other factors need to be considered, ny has no alt station, nor does philly.... yet bands are getting attention and selling tickets, merch, etc.... internet radio has to come in play, plus sites like myspace
IVANA: my new car came with xm and i love it
LENNY: bands like fallout boy and coheed have built huge followings ahead of radio, it can be done.
IVANA: i was "letting" the bf listen to the astros game on one of the sports channels on xm and i heard an ad for ktbz's "buzzfest" between innings. that was very smart, since it can attract members of the demo listening to the game that might want to see the bands on the bill but might not listen to ktbz.
LENNY: it makes sense to me
IVANA: houston could be a little bit more adventurous, since there is a vibrant scene, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part
LENNY: i hear from lots of people that places like pitchforkmedia matter, that play in video games matters, as well as tv exposure on the right shows, etc.... radio is far from the only answer. the future is coming on. what song is that from, it must be something on a jack station
IVANA: it was the gorillaz song from the last record
LENNY: there u go. i love the gorillaz
IVANA: i didn't say it was the only answer, but on a tuesday it becomes a massive, puzzling question
LENNY: tuesdays are just amazingly frustrating, i hear it from everyone i talk to
IVANA: i also appreciate that radio and "records" have disparate goals (one has to sell beer and the other break bands). but at the end of the day, so few stations engage in "good business," which adds to the frustration
LENNY: yes, but the excitement of hearing and being turned on to a great new song and band brings you back over and over again
IVANA: there's a big reason why every label and manager will go out of their way to do things for 99x, because they treat everybody with respect, honesty and are genuinely appreciative!
LENNY: and atlanta has always been a great active radio and music market
IVANA: as we head into Xmas festival season, i think you'll find more and more bands "touring in japan" during that time. now that we're on the management side, i've had to explain to some of our bands why their record was dropped the day after they played a station festival. i can't make excuses for bad business, and i guess all we can do is chalk it up to whatever upside could be gained, like additional on-air mentions and the opportunity to play in front of a new audience
LENNY: man this column is depressing
IVANA: it is and isn't: on the upside, there are still programmers who truly want to do the right thing (even if we have to remind them). but as long as the chart remains so fucked up and that's how we measure a record's success, it won't get better
LENNY: oh well, let's hope for the best, like i do every year for my beloved los angeles clippers
IVANA: i still would love to program a radio station targeting the #1 consumer demo in the country, but i don't see terrestrial radio taking big risks right now.
LENNY: and now i have to go to the men's room, so i guess it's time to say goodnight, gracie.... and hope your rock for girls format lives in some parallel universe
IVANA: kndd just added my morning jacket's "off the record"
LENNY: there u go, let's leave this on a high note
IVANA: can you get me tickets to see the raspberries on friday night?
LENNY: sure, can we "go all the way"?
IVANA: ick. that's harassment
LENNY: sorry, goodbye now
IVANA: i'm calling the head of HR
LENNY: that's you
IVANA: i thought it was you?
LENNY: i thought it was you
IVANA: wow, i'm drunk with my own power
LENNY: oy and the veismeres
IVANA: i'm going back to atoning now. one day wasn’t enough. say goodnight, gracie
LENNY: and goodnight mrs. calabash, wherever u r