Lenny: so, i saw tv on the radio on tv, and they didn’t seem short
Ivana: huh?
Lenny: but then i heard they won the shortlist prize
Ivana: is that supposed to be funny?
Lenny: to me, yes. i also like the tv on the radio on tv thing
U2, Three Days Grace, Hoobastank, Interpol, Elefant Also Rate Mention

Ivana:  Hey Kris, Lenny has blocked my IMs, so I guess it's your turn to help me write this thing
Kris:  OK, what do you want to talk about?
Ivana:  You're the one that actually calls radio--what's going on this week?
Ivana:  Didn't you tell me Tommy Wilde and WLUM have parted company?
Kris:   Yes, sadly, another one bites the dust.  Tommy is a resourceful guy from what I hear so I am sure he will be fine
Kris:   Lots of radio gigs open right now though
Ivana:  I hope Alex Quigley gets all of them
Kris:   me too, he's the bomb.  Those WPGU kids are all so cool. 
Ivana:  I agree. They're so cute when they're young and enthusiastic. then they grow up and become monsters with no personality and out-of-control egos
Ivana:  like me, post-college radio
Kris:   I was going to say true dat...
Ivana:  Isn't Kim Monroe about to have another baby any second?
Kris:   She's due on Christmas day I believe.   We love her and wish her and baby Fiona well!
Ivana:  how old are your babies now?
Kris:   Drake is 31/2 and Shane is 14 months today actually.
My little towheads...is that how you spell that?
Ivana:  sure. which is harder, trying to reason with a child in their "terrible twos" or radio promotion?
Ivana:  i suppose that "reason" doesn't factor into either, really
Kris:   no question, radio promotion!  At least Drake stops IM'ing his friends when I am talking to him...
Ivana:  Hah!
Kris:   Did I tell you that the baby dances in his car seat every time Interpol comes on KROQ?  True story.
Ivana:  really?
Ivana:  Can he dance better than me? (watch your response, please)
Kris:   Honestly. he kinda does a Stevie Wonder head twist and then waves at me so it's a different kind of dance than your jig in my doorway.  has Lenny unblocked you yet?
Ivana:  he says he has "massive comedy" for me. we'll see. remain on deck
Kris:   yeppers
Lenny:  so, i saw tv on the radio on tv, and they didn’t seem short
Ivana:  huh?
Lenny:  but then i heard they won the shortlist prize
Ivana: is that supposed to be funny?
Lenny:  to me, yes. i also like the tv on the radio on tv thing
Ivana:  i could make a shortbus joke about you, but you're being kind (why??) about one of my favorite bands, so i'll resist
Lenny:  who else do we like this week
Ivana:  did you see modest mouse on SNL?
Lenny:  were they the lip-synching ones
Ivana: NO! that's why it was so great (and unusual for SNL). it was really impressive
Lenny:  it's hard to be good on tv, unless joel gallen is shooting it
Ivana:  kroq is playing tv on the radio right now as "catch of the day!"
Lenny:  on the radio… kroq is also playing the new sum 41, which could be a really big smash
Ivana:  howie and christine were Most Added yet again!
Lenny:  they are hot hot hot with mr. brightside and hoobastank's disappear.... life is good for them
Ivana:  speaking of hot, your favorite dance band, coheed and cambria, are ruling with "Blood Red Summer."
Lenny:  my daughter and i dance to that song, we love it
Ivana:  big adds this week from wjbx, wxnr, kfma, wbtz, wdyl, etc.
Lenny:  kfma is tucson, where she goes to school. important add for the family
Ivana:  is that "family" in the sopranos sense of the word?
Lenny:  much more jewish—that is family in the way of my daughter sofee and i
Ivana:  there are jews on the sopranos
Lenny:  oy
Ivana:  speaking of family, i will be spending my thanksgiving flying to glorious easton, pa for my 25th high school reunion. i hated high school, which is why I’m going, of course
Lenny:  i woulda guessed it as your 15th
Ivana:  oh please, it's the 15th reunion of my indentured servitude here
Lenny:  so remember, flattery is in lieu of a raise
Ivana:  what's a raise?
Lenny:  i'm now hearing TWO interpol tracks on the radio, this band is happening
Ivana:  kroq and kndd added "evil" today while still playing "slow hands" in POWER
Lenny:  this is good, what else did kroq add?
Ivana:  I don't know
Lenny:  ask kris metzdorf, she is smart
Ivana:  she's blocked my IMs. so where is this "comedy" you threatened?
Lenny:  it'll be happening at staples center in four hours when the clippers play again
Lenny:  i'll be sitting with ted volk discussing the music
Ivana:  i'll be at home watching America's Next Top Model and The Bachelor
Lenny:  so, which of us is more perverse... kind of a push
Lenny:  have u seen the new levi's commercial with the zutons song?
Ivana:  yes, we discussed it a few weeks ago
Lenny:  so, i'm discussing it again—multiple impressions kinda strategy
Ivana:  like U2?
Lenny:  yes, i hated the u2 song before the ipod commercial and now i like it
Ivana:  so how should i describe what i do at my reunion next week?
Lenny:  1.  u listen to a lot music
Lenny:  2.  u see a lot of bands
Lenny:  3.  u talk to a lot of geniuses
Ivana:  you lost me at #3
Lenny:  people like myself, radio programmers and promotion execs... geniuses one and all
Ivana:  it's my turn to say oy (a word rarely uttered in easton, pa. i might add).
Lenny:  and don't forget... u write a column, which i think is this
Ivana:  can't i just say i'm a "highly paid arbiter of popular culture?"
Lenny:  did u say "overpaid"?
Ivana:  no, you did. and I beg to differ.
Lenny:  begging is good when talking to radio geniuses
Ivana:  because of me, you're fluent in indie rock. and you’re going to shows more than one per decade.
Lenny:  exactly.... so who are my favorite bands?
Ivana:  you're way into blues explosion, aka jon spencer blues explosion, which is not to be confused with the virgin band the explosion
Lenny:  i am? i mean, i am!
Ivana:  our friend lorraine caruso has another three days grace hit with "Home."
Ivana:  it's the record that keeps on going: wxrk, x96, wrox and kucd came in this week
Lenny:  geesh, this is like their 14th hit from this album and they are on tour with hoobastank... nice
Ivana: speaking of good tours, elefant is going out with jimmy eat world in January
Lenny:  that elefant guy is a superstar
Ivana:   personally, i'd like to "go out" with diego from elefant, if you get my drift. wonder if he wants to take me to my reunion?  i think he was born two years after i graduated from high school
Lenny:  it sounds like u should be a guest on The View
Ivana:   ick. new topic please. what was your favorite record this year?
Lenny:  killers album
Ivana:   you are SO NEW WAVE
Lenny:  and i love the garden state sdtrk
Ivana:   love love love the shins
Lenny: then of course the essential dean martin
Ivana:   garden state was definitely my favorite movie this year
Ivana:   i wonder what my favorite record of the year was… it's a tie between interpol and interpol
Lenny:  and let's not forget the reissued, remastered definitive all-time greatest hits of john denver
Ivana:   but i also really liked Interpol. you scare me.
Lenny:  i have a wide palate
Ivana:   some weeks the repartee is great--this week we have the chemistry of sacco and vanzetti
Lenny:  i'm still insulted that u didn't like my opening joke about seeing tv on the radio on tv
Ivana:   that was okay, it was the "they didn't seem short" stretch to shortlist music prize that made me wince
Lenny:  whattabout hearing tv on the radio on the radio. that was funny
Ivana:   too easy. a lob. i expect better from you
Lenny:  i think i've peaked
Ivana:   was it good for you?
Lenny: yes, i've led a wonderful life
Ivana:   i still hate that movie
Lenny: just remember, every time u hear a bell ring, an angel is getting his wings.  and i feel like i've gotten my bell rung in this column
Ivana: i'm growing wings as we speak

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Bring your umbrella.
Mulling possible surprises.
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