LENNY: what label is spoon on? and who has the other utensils?

IVANA: fork you
Ivana Picks Up a Sense of Vitality at Coachella, Which Lenny Likens to the Feeling Clippers Fans Always Get Before the Disapointment Sets In
LENNY:  so, what's with sherri trahan, i see her walking around our new office?
IVANA:  i thought she was bringing wine to todd?
LENNY:  how much is she paying us to be here?
IVANA:  she's paying us in wine, so not enough to justify buying her coffee bean & tea leaf
LENNY:  that should work, unless she starts getting airplay and ends up moving to bend, oregon to hang with kris metzdorf
IVANA:  i'm prepared for that
LENNY:  i like sherri, wasn't she involved in breaking alanis when alternative radio played girls
IVANA:  and sugarcult too, back when pomo radio played bands that sell records
LENNY:  now that's a really fascinating concept
IVANA:  so a bunch of pomo stations' ratings are picking up
LENNY:  that's good.... tell
IVANA:  like kroq la, knrk portland, kndd seattle, kwod sacramento, both phoenix stations, 99x's 18-34 #s are thru the roof, whfs, etc.
LENNY:  and are these stations doing anything different from those that are suffering, or is this a cyclical ratings issue?
IVANA:  most of them are playing fewer currents, that's for sure
LENNY:  i like a lot of the new music, i think there are more hits out there than usual
IVANA:  no, there are more "name" records out there--nobody knows how many of them are truly hits
LENNY:  well, i also think there are some really strong records by new artists, most are waiting for the avalanche of superstars to balance out, but some will get their chance
IVANA:  knrk had its highest 12+ book in a year, playing the "cool" records like bravery, interpol, etc. and a wider variety of golds
LENNY:  everywhere i go, people are talking about arcade fire as well
IVANA:   they STOLE coachella
LENNY:  really, will they return it next year, or at least drop it off in a better climate... i could suggest laguna beach
IVANA:  biggest second-stage crowd in coachella history--at least 10,000 kids. completely jubilant and joyful. a great way to wrap up my coachella weekend
LENNY: who else did well at coachella?
IVANA:  the bravery show was a madhouse. so much fun! i barely got to see any other band except spoon (who rule) and i heard coldplay and gang of four but couldn't see anything.  everybody was talking about bauhaus too
LENNY:  what label is spoon on?  and who has the other utensils?
IVANA:  fork you
LENNY:  nice
IVANA:  spoon is on merge, home of arcade fire, among others
LENNY:  wow, who runs that company, that have some strong stuff
IVANA:   mac and laura, who are also in superchunk
LENNY:  let's talk about coldplay. I love the coldplay record
IVANA:  i adore the single
LENNY:  are enough stations playing it to go to #1?
IVANA:   definitely
LENNY:  hooray, it will be their first #1 then, cool
IVANA:   if anyone can make that happen, it's ted and his team. there were a lot of radio people at coachella to see them
LENNY:  it's amazing that there are still a lot of radio people at all
IVANA:   the cool thing about being there was that, surrounded by 50,000 music fans (including TWO members of nsync), there was a sense of vitality and promise for the future. unlike the pervasive fear that we're all just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic
LENNY:  i feel the same way at clippers games, but we always end up sinking.... but that's a column for a different magazine
IVANA:  i think paul tollett has more heart than donald sterling
LENNY:  who's paul tollett and what team does he own?
IVANA:  he runs goldenvoice and coachella is his baby

LENNY:  have u seen the gorillaz video, it is awesome
IVANA:  bill carroll and howard p. have a big hit on their hands with "feel good, inc." hopefully radio will figure it out
LENNY:  have u seen the gorillaz video, it is awesome
IVANA:  although i'm not sure what there is to figure out, since this is the first follow-up to a PLATINUM record
LENNY:  have u seen my question, which i have repeated, or are u doing a solo here
IVANA:  i am still getting caught up on the episodes of America's Next Top Model that I missed while in europe, so no, i haven't seen the video. next week i'm going to baltimore to help indoctrinate the bravery into the exciting world of radio festivals
LENNY:  is this your first ever hfstival?
IVANA:  i haven't missed one
LENNY:  how many have there been?
IVANA:  as many as i've been to--i'd prefer to not count.  i even suffered through the rap-rock years
LENNY:  any other music to discuss
IVANA:   i wanted to see a bunch of bands at coachella i wound up missing, like razorlight, tegan & sara, radio 4, m.i.a., sloan, snow patrol, bloc party, the kills, secret machines, etc.
LENNY:   i like some of those.  tegan and sara are very interesting
IVANA:   i lucked out and caught a few songs by fiery furnaces, M83, mercury rev and jem. tegan and sara are brilliant, and i usually hate girl singers. Maybe MY twin and i will start singing together
LENNY:  on that note, and that would be one offkey note, i was wondering if this column is over yet
IVANA:  i feel like we're seriously lacking in profundity. is that why i hired sherri, so she can be the smart one for both of us?
LENNY:  i have always like sherri and am proud to have her paying us to work here
IVANA:  does that mean i can take the summer off?
LENNY:  and how would that make this different from all other summers.... oh yeah, that's dennis who takes the summers off
IVANA:   not that talking to radio isn't a vacation unto itself
LENNY:   i find talking to radio to be similar to my dating history... just a lot of people saying NO
IVANA:   i find talking to radio comparable to driving my car into a brick wall at 80 mph, except the damage is mental and emotional—i feel “totaled” every tuesday
LENNY:  we should be done now so i can go down the block and see the dredg video shoot
IVANA:   ok bye
LENNY:  ok bye
IVANA:   or should i say, ok "bug eyes"
LENNY:  love bug eyes.... but we'll talk about that in a few  weeks

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