IVANA: i'd never heard anything or anyone that sounded like patti smith before and born to run was the realization of the promise springsteen had shown on his prior records--you know, when artists had three records to break

LENNY: today they have three hours
A Note of Cautious Optimism Creeps Into This Week’s IM, but It May Just Be a Flu Symptom
IVANA:  the office took a vote and they want me quarantined until this walking pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infection thing goes away. that damn todd--it's all his fault
LENNY:  todd needs to be sent back to texas, with all my exes
IVANA:  i like austin. i could recuperate there and have jody feed me chicken soup while I request spoon on kgsr.
LENNY:  speaking of austin, i saw john prine on austin city limits the other night, he is soooo awesome—his album is in my top five for the year
IVANA:  speaking of austin, krox added arcade fire's "rebellion (lies)" today
LENNY:  lots of interesting adds at alternative this week
IVANA:  just not all on one record
LENNY:  interpol, morningwood, aqualung, my morning jacket
living things, matisyahu, arcade fire...
LENNY:  mike doughty, ok go.  altho there isn't a consensus yet, i feel it is a good sign that stations are open to new and interesting voices
IVANA:  it's exciting to see matisyahu making inroads at the red states, and ted is RULING with yellowcard
LENNY:  interesting, exciting and surprising. yellowcard album is great
IVANA:  you know what else is exciting?
LENNY:  thanksgiving? christmas vacation? the clippers in first place?
LENNY:  (are you still there)
IVANA:  today columbia records releases the 30th anniversary special package of springsteen's born to run and tonight, no matter how sick I am, I'm going to the troubadour to see patti smith and lenny kaye mark the 30th anniversary of horses. i bought both records the week they came out in 1975!
LENNY:  great, you can infect two of your all-time faves in one night
IVANA:  it makes me think about which current cds will be heralded 30 years from now
LENNY:  or even 3
IVANA:  i mean, both born to run and horses had such a huge impact on my fragile adolescent psyche
LENNY:  rap music seems to have the most effect on today's youth. outkast's grammy winner could have legs
IVANA:  i'd never heard anything or anyone that sounded like patti smith before and born to run was the realization of the promise springsteen had shown on his prior records--you know, when artists had three records to break
LENNY:  today they have three hours
IVANA:  in the short term, the interpol clones are starting to pop up already
LENNY:  how so pop
IVANA:  have you heard she wants revenge on geffen or the editors? and every week i read about a new band being compared to Interpol. actually, i think she wants revenge sounds more like bauhaus..
LENNY:  i don't have a clue what bauhaus sounds like
IVANA:  yeah, you must've missed the "goth" period
LENNY:  the only thing i know about goth is that my asst robin usta be a goth girl. altho i remain unclear what that means also
IVANA:  i hated goth
LENNY:  who was the biggest goth act
IVANA:  bauhaus
LENNY:  what does it mean to be a goth
IVANA:  it was your "community." i liked indie rock
LENNY:  yes, but how did it manifest itself
IVANA:  white make-up, black hair, severe black clothes
LENNY:  drugs, sex?
IVANA:  if you were lucky. you have to listen to my morning jacket's new cd, btw
LENNY: you were gonna take me to amoeba to get it, but went without  me and did not get me one
IVANA: the show last week at the henry fonda was beyond sold-out. and they even have a radio song: "off the record," which wgvx and wfnx added this week
LENNY we need to make a run to amoeba. i need music for the holidays
IVANA:  speaking of shows, can you believe the lineup for the kroq almost acoustic xmas shows?
LENNY: i didn't see the second night
IVANA:  coldplay! depeche mode! white stripes! bravery! deathcab for cutie! hot hot heat! nada surf! jack johnson too!
LENNY: lots of bands with exclamation points
IVANA: in a perfect world, nada surf's "always love" would be a monster smash. it's a flawless pop song that rivals big star's best. and you may quote me
LENNY: in a perfect world, the clippers would win the nba championship
IVANA: music is still the thing i care about most-even more than prada and america's next top model
LENNY: or at least that's what you say in print....  i'm not buying the prada part
IVANA: i can't afford prada anymore-at least i can still afford the occasional trip to amoeba
LENNY:  dave adelson is calling me to discuss grammys, so i am outta here
IVANA: i'll enlist sherri. hey sherri, anything new? aren't you glad you left the wine business for this?
SHERRI: no. lol!!!!
IVANA: ben at octone asked me to remind everyone that flyleaf was going for adds next week
SHERRI: He's off to a great start what with boise and atlantic city already in
IVANA: hey, i'd like to have a song that was a hit at kdge in dallas
SHERRI: coheed will be the first
IVANA: fall out boy finally reached #1 on the pomo chart this week, on the strength of two songs and massive sales
SHERRI: you know I love “sugar” and “dance, dance”-just saw the video
IVANA: i don't know how howie finds the time to do get all that airplay and write books under the name jt leroy
SHERRI: and sing in thistle
IVANA: he just writes the lyrics. we'll we be rocking out to spoon on thursday night at the wiltern?
SHERRI: We'll be in the pit with our peers...oh wait...we're peerless...
IVANA: lenny is asking for a big finish-i gotta go
LENNY: need me for the big finish?
IVANA: happy ending?
LENNY: have you spoken yet of the many splendors of coheed & cambria... their song is breaking big RIGHT NOW
IVANA: they're the greatest
LENNY: or of kt tunstall, my pick to break big in '06
IVANA: you mean, MY PICK. i just hope i get over this illness by ‘06
LENNY: that would be a good thing
IVANA: after all, tramps like us...
LENNY: we were born to run?
IVANA: add a "baby" and you got a hit!
LENNY: good, now i can concentrate on the big clips game tonight.... GO CLIPPERS
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