LENNY: who do u think will win more games this year? the lakers or the clippers?

IVANA: that's like me asking you who will win america's next top model.


Inquiring Minds Want to Know, What’s a “Yontif,” and Is It Something Good?
IVANA: Happy New Year!
LENNY: good yontif
IVANA: make any new year's resolutions?
LENNY: yes. i resolve to enjoy music again, which seems to be something that programmers have forgotten how to do
IVANA: anything in particular?
LENNY: i like kt tunstall a lot
IVANA: when she's a huge star, remember who told you about it first
LENNY: karen glauber
IVANA: who?
LENNY: very famous lady
IVANA: i'm ivana, remember?
LENNY: oh yeah, sorry
IVANA: i've been listening to the new my morning jacket cd over and over
LENNY: what label is that on
IVANA: ato
LENNY: are they the david gray people?
IVANA: yes. ato also has jem and a bunch of other cool bands. mike tierney works there now
LENNY: i like mike tierney also. wasn’t he important once?
IVANA: that's what i've heard, but he seems too nice to have been important
LENNY: i also like morningwood, i think chantal is a big star
IVANA: record stores in the markets with significant airplay, like boston, atlanta, san francisco and kansas city, are saying they have a lot of people coming in looking for the cd
LENNY: well then, maybe capitol will release it soon. is morningwood a red record or a blue record?
IVANA: it's lightning in a bottle. it sounds like neither, really, but explodes on impact. it's one of those very rare songs that has real "magic"
LENNY: yep, an alternative hit with a female lead singer, i like it. what else do i like?
IVANA: you would've loved the neil diamond show i saw on friday night
LENNY: i loved the CAPOTE movie i saw that night—philip seymour hoffman is a lock to win the Oscar
IVANA: that was good but neil was so amazing!
LENNY: i had my teeth cleaned today
IVANA: don't be mean. neil rules. i've had a crush on him since i'm 8
LENNY: oh well, back to current times.... jared leto's 30 seconds to mars is hanging tough
IVANA: every show they do, they win major fans. jared takes nothing for granted and bill carroll says he's one of the most enthusiastic and hardworking artists he's ever worked with. "attack" has started to research as well!
LENNY: coheed & cambria has a smash and I am going to see them next week (me at another rock show, how bizarre).
IVANA: yeah, i know you're going to the coheed show. i'm the one who has to "road manage" you and joel gallen.
LENNY: do i give u the list of things i need for backstage
IVANA: white lilys and evian (or is that j.lo?). you have yet to submit your rider
LENNY: is there a deadline? a man has needs
IVANA: ew gross
LENNY: sorry, i was referring to food products
IVANA: imported bottled beers (no domestic!), tofurkey, power bars and a box of emergen-c?
LENNY: when is the bravery playing in lala again? i haven't seen them in almost two weeks
IVANA: sunday, same day as coheed and dredg
LENNY: whoa, busy day
IVANA: remember to tivo desperate housewives
LENNY: i am not a DH guy, but i do love grey’s anatomy
IVANA: me too. patrick dempsey is so cute.
LENNY: uh.... ok
IVANA: i think britt from spoon is even cuter than patrick dempsey
LENNY: is he the one who thinks i'm gay?
IVANA: he thinks you appear gay, yes.
LENNY: what other records do i love?
IVANA: lorraine at jive has the coolest record of anybody right now: the living things "bom bom bom," which even kqxr, wedg and krox added this week!
LENNY: that one is a runaway right now
IVANA: have you heard the new strokes single?
LENNY: yes, i heard it on mediabase last night
IVANA: i love the "peter gunn"-esque vibe
LENNY: agreed, that's what i thought right away
IVANA: the lovely and talented jacqueline saturn was in la friday for the franz ferdinand show
LENNY: that record is coming thru now
IVANA: big time!
LENNY: hey, i was reading about the ok go dance, can u email me the video?
IVANA: i emailed it to you MONTHS ago
LENNY: it sounds as bad as when u dance to interpol. do it again.
IVANA: it's the GREATEST. hey, korn is going to have another hit. normally i'd say that another korn single would definitely be a sign of the impending apocalypse, but "twisted transistor" is really good
LENNY: who do u think will win more games this year? the lakers or the clippers?
IVANA: that's like me asking you who will win america's next top model. can we finish this so you can take me to amoeba and buy me the new franz, neil young and death cab for cutie cds?
LENNY: ok, but i get to get some stuff, too
IVANA: i'll buy you the my morning jacket cd and the dylan dvd
LENNY: i have the dylan dvd already, it is awesome
IVANA: ok, then say goodnight gracie
LENNY: goodnight, gracie