The current crop of PoMo artists with a strong sense of self and point-of-view will hopefully counteract the bland-wallpaper-with-vocals disguised as today’s PoMo torchbearers.


Bonding with A Perfect Circle, The Darkness, Hoobastank, Interpol

A PUNCHUP AT A WEDDING: Although I’ve become accustomed to being the oldest in the room at 99% of the shows I attend, I’ll admit that being among the youngest in the audience at last night’s Simon and Garfunkel concert added to the overall experience. Hearing "America" in Almost Famous a few years ago renewed my interest in seeing them live (as did the added potential of a fight erupting onstage). Paul Simon is a genius songwriter and Art Garfunkel remains one of my all-time favorite singers (his version of Jimmy Webb’s "All I Know" is astounding), so last night was a treat.

Negating the existence of "free will" for a moment, if we are all the sum of our experiences, then tonight’s Rocket From the Tombs show at the Knitting Factory (not quite the Staples Center) is a fitting way to pay homage to my college radio years. RFTT was an influential, if not prolific, ’70s Cleveland band comprised of David Thomas (pre-Pere Ubu), Cheetah Chrome (pre-Dead Boys) and Peter Laughner (pre-death), among others. Tonight, Richard Lloyd (Television) will be playing guitar (and I’ll be geeking-out in front of the stage). I know I tend to be emphatic (pedantic) about the importance of acknowledging the seminal artists who paved the way for the PoMo format (Iggy, for one), if only to "compare and contrast" to the musical "legacy" we’re creating for the next generation. The current crop of PoMo artists with a strong sense of self and point-of-view will hopefully counteract the bland-wallpaper-with-vocals disguised as today’s PoMo torchbearers.

I’ve never met Maynard from A Perfect Circle, but I’ve heard he’s a fan of Prada, Interpol and Robert Fripp, so we’d definitely have stuff to talk about. While I tried to think of a clever opening line (a girl should be prepared), Virgin’s ace promo team of Hilary, Steve, Howard, Jenni and Chris launched the new APC single, "The Outsider," to #1 Most Added at PoMo! This is especially impressive since "Weak and Powerless" is still in Power at most stations. Unless I can be in Albany next Wednesday for the APC show (it would be nice to see Tim Bronson at WEQX), any witty repartee between Maynard and me will have to wait until next year. Sorry Mom, I won’t be spending Thanksgiving with you because I’ll be in upstate NY with APC. A sudden chill has overtaken my office.

A programmer told me he received a message on his voicemail from the singer in the Darkness. Honestly, I’d be a blithering idiot if they called me (which wouldn’t be much of a stretch from how I usually am), since I listen to the Darkness record every day. Atlantic’s purveyors of PoMo promo, Ron and Bonnie, landed KDGE, WSUN, WROX, KMBY and KFTE on "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" this week, narrowing the chasm between those who "get" it and those who are wrong.

Congratulations to Jive’s Lorraine Caruso and hubby David Newgarden (who I met when they worked together at college station WSIA!) on the birth of daughter Ella Jean this past Monday at 1 pm. Although Ella’s arrival meant Lorraine broke the cardinal rule of promotion and actually missed a Monday, her cohort Joanne Grand will undoubtedly convey the news of Three Days Grace adds at WBTZ and KCPX, as "I Hate Everything About You" climbs to #3 on the airplay chart.

Congratulations to Island’s Christine Chiappetta on the arrival of Ellington, a four-year-old pug (and one-year-old pug Lola’s new companion). She and Howie Miura had an incredible week with an array of records: Hoobastank’s "Out of Control" was added at WBCN, KDGE, KUCD and WAVF (early research at PoMo is HUGE); Ryan Adams’ brilliant "So Alive" is new at WWCD and 91X; Thrice’s "Stare at the Sun" was #4 Most Added! Nice!

Our undying love to Live105 and WBUZ for adding Interpol’s "NYC" this week! Now if only I could convince the guys who program that PoMo station in NYC.

Major kudos to Elektra’s PoMo team for flying Jet’s "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" to Top 10 (and soaring)! Even John Allers at KCNL ran out of excuses (shocking!) and added it this week, as did KROX. Let’s also hail them for being #3 Most Added on Staind’s "How About You," while also gaining on Year of the Rabbit. Next year it’s all about The Format. Mark my words.

Gaby Skolnek can relax (hah!) and enjoy her wedding, now that WBCN added Story of the Year. Mazel tov.

No gridlock for Epic as Audioslave’s "I Am the Highway" is added at WRXL, WJRR, WROX, KCXX and WBCN!

By the way, Phantom Planet has sold out EVERY date on this tour. "Big Brat" rules.

The Columbia gang anointed Live105 and KQXR with gold stars for adding Switchfoot’s "Meant to Live" this week.

MTV2 added The Polyphonic Spree video for "Light and Day" this week. I’m still pushing for a week of all-Hanukkah programming, but this will appease me, for now.

A big "How Are Ya" to DreamWorks for AFI adds this week at K-Rock, KTBZ and WRZK!

SONG TO HEAR: Adam Green’s "Jessica" (a heartfelt homage to pop princess Jessica Simpson, from the singer of the Moldy Peaches!)

PEOPLE TO WATCH: Ross Zapin, Jenni Sperandeo, John DiMaio, Bob Waugh, Jacqueline Saturn, Bill Burrs, Gary Spivack, Nikki S., Ted Volk, Marco Collins, Lynn McDonnell and Greg Seese.

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