My head will explode if one more programmer tells me they’re ready to bail on a song they personally love because it isn’t researching after 100 spins (half of which are after midnight). How was your first batch of research for “Seven Nation Army”? Not so good, right? So where is it now?


This Week, Ivana Ponders the Age-Old Question of Why Programmers Put Certain Records on the Air—and Why They Pull Them Off
Last week, I interviewed two of the partners in the Bonnaroo Music Fest because I was interested in comparing their philosophy and approach to booking a large-scale music event to the methodology employed by radio stations trying to do the same thing. How did a three-day concert in a Manchester, TN, sell 80,000 (!!!) advance tickets online (when most radio festivals struggle to sell 5,000 seats)? First and foremost, Bonnaroo was ABOUT THE MUSIC. Put together a compelling lineup for true music fans (and not just the passive listeners that are sucking the life out of your “lifestyle” programming), or at least create an environment where the kids that aren’t as passionate about music will still want to be part of the collective “culture.” Or as Kevin Costner said in Field of Dreams (for those who need everything explained in sports references), “Build it and they will come.”… I applaud Sean Demery and Aaron Axelsen at Live105 for their unconventional approach to programming a PoMo station. Their enthusiasm for the medium, as well as passion for music and genuine regard for the audience, is apparent every time I listen to the station. The S.F. locals have definitely responded positively to the “new” Live105—you could feel the vibe at this year’s BFD, which, incidentally, sold out. Without question, commercial radio needs to play HIT RECORDS. Live105 added Audioslave’s “Show Me How to Live” this week, as well as potential hits from the Mars Volta, Postal Service and Me First & the Gimme Gimmes. Why did they add those other records? I can’t speak for Sean or Aaron, but I would think it’s because THEY LIKE THEM. Ask MTV why videos from Brand New and Fountains of Wayne were added to Buzzworthy this week, and it might be because THEY LIKE THEM. My head will explode if one more programmer tells me they’re ready to bail on a song they personally love because it isn’t researching after 100 spins (half of which are after midnight). How was your first batch of research for “Seven Nation Army”? Not so good, right? Where is it now? Top of the pack, right? And didn’t the callout for Hot Hot Heat’s “Bandages” change radically for you after 150 spins? PoMo can build an exciting playlist that includes format-exclusive artists kids truly care about, like Jane’s Addiction, Radiohead, The White Stripes, Thrice, Rancid, AFI and Interpol, among others, but commitment to the artist is CRITICAL, especially when there is no other airplay in the market to prop up your spins. As a wise man said, “Half measures avail us nothing.”… I’m not sure why I am perpetually mistaking this column for a soapbox. Note to self: keep “high horse” permanently stabled (except for the occasional gallop during PMS Week). I will endeavor to remain optimistic about the state of PoMo radio, particularly in light of Q101’s resolution to break bands like Alkaline Trio, Dashboard Confessional, Mest and Less Than Jake (and play Radiohead more than 30x/week!), and when I can turn on KROQ and hear a set of music that defines the format at its best. The kinder, gentler me would also like to bring your attention to a young, Nashville-based band that is setting the U.K. on fire, namely the Kings of Leon. Their debut CD, Youth and Young Manhood, sold 10,000 copies in ONE DAY, and is already #3 on the midweek chart, with first-week U.K. sales likely to exceed 35,000! Now that’s what I call serious buzz! Our dear friends at RCA have assembled a wonderful, informative EPK for your viewing pleasure, and we’re also certain that John DiMaio, Bill Burrs, Dennis Blair and Chris Woltman would be happy to send you a copy of the CD as well. Tastemakers CD101 and WFNX added “Molly’s Chambers” last week, but you already knew that, didn’t you?... EMC’s Dayna Talley celebrated her birthday today with a HUGE add on The Caesars’ “Jerk It Out” from 91X! Hey Bryan, it’s my birthday in four weeks!… Since I heard The Best of Stern on my morning commute to work, I figured Ross Zapin would be “working” from the Hamptons this week. We know someone at DreamWorks was responsible for Alien Ant Farm’s “These Days” being Most Added again, including Y100, Q101, KZON, WXEG, WARQ, KTEG and more! I absolutely love this song, and obviously, you agree! Another favorite, AFI’s “The Leaving Song Pt. II,” was added at 91X, KUCD, WZTA and WJRR. Life’s a beach for these stations… If you did well with Trapt’s “Headstrong” (and who didn’t?), our beloved Lorraine Caruso at Jive has a song destined for similar success: “(I Hate) Everything About You” by Three Days Grace. New adds this week from KTBZ, WWRX and X-96, plus HUGE phones elsewhere, equals a song demanding your immediate attention!… Lava’s Greg Dorfman had another stupendous week on Smile Empty Soul’s “Bottom of a Bottle,” including WOCL, WAVF and KCPX. We love it when Greg has hits!…. SONG TO HEAR: The Libertines’ “I Get Along”… PEOPLE TO WATCH: Gary Spivack, John DiMaio, Stephanie Harty, Rick Morrison, Alan Galbraith, Phil Manning, Dan Connelly, Kevin Kertes, Violet, Howard Leon, Tim Richards and Gaby Skolnek.
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