Ivana is fielding calls from all her beloved rock stars, like Ryan from Guster, Pete Yorn and the entire robed ensemble of the Polyphonic Spree (whose posters now decorate a good portion of our office, with Jill suggesting I list every member’s name so I could already be done with the column!).
Busy Researching Whether the 40s Are the New 30s, Ivana Appoints a Substitute Columnist
By Erika Strada, official guest columnist

Don't worry—it's all under control. OK, OK, OK…put up with me just for this week as I fill in for birthday girl Ivana so she can sit back and smell the roses—literally—since this office is filling up with flower arrangements faster than, well, an office filling up with flower arrangements. She’s also fielding calls from all her beloved rock stars, like Ryan from Guster, Pete Yorn and the entire robed ensemble of the Polyphonic Spree (whose posters now decorate a good portion of our office, with Jill suggesting I list every member’s name so I could already be done with the column!). I am also reaping the benefits of sitting in the same office as I munch on the most decadent chocolate-covered strawberries sent by the very thoughtful Kerry Marsico at TVT (who will be coming by for a visit to play us new Default and Sevendust) or the amazing musical-shaped cookie bouquet sent by Virgin’s Steve Leeds. So, as I go from sugar highs to being lulled to sleep by the fragrant aroma of sweet flowers, I did get a chance to take a look at some of the records happening this week as we all wait to hear who the new PD will be at WHFS. Maybe I will snack on a piece of ice cream cake first. If anything renders me “Weak and Powerless,” it has to be chocolate, but for just about every station across the country, it’s A Perfect Circle who easily nab this week’s Most Added. Congratulations to Steve Leeds, Hilary Shaev, Jenni Sperandeo (who will get to hang out with the birthday girl this evening on the set of Pepsi Smash, where Ben Harper will be performing), Howard P. and (this week’s Geek) Chris Siciliano, who don’t “Stop” with one band, but also gather more supporters (WZNE,KEDJ) for their amazing record from B.R.M.C. (who are filling The White Stripes slot at both Reading and Leeds after Jack White broke his finger). Well done! Also, props to our pal Christine at WBTZ for adding this delicious (remember, I am surrounded by FOOD) Jet record. I was honored to join Elektra’s Bill Carroll and Buddy Deal over the weekend to check out this Australian band for myself. I was trying to describe their onstage energy and presence to KMYZ’s Lynn Barstow, but I’m sure I didn’t do them justice. Maybe I’ll check in with KROQ’s Lisa Worden, 91X’s Bryan Schock (who added the record LAST week), KZON’s Kevin Mannion, KEDJ’s Nancy Stevens or KFSD’s Jeremy Pritchard (who added it this week) for a better description, since they were all there at Spaceland, but one thing is guaranteed—everyone had a blast! The 8/18 official add date is just around the corner, so make room! How can I possibly go any further without mentioning the incredibly scrumptious Brand New? Razor & Tie’s Jeff Appleton and Mary Elizabeth are certainly not “Quiet” about the massive adds that keep pouring in; this week’s collection includes Q101, KDGE, KWOD, WRAX, KMYZ and WZZI. It’s nice to see people so sincerely ecstatic about each and every add that comes in. Good work, kids. Our sweet friends over at Capitol (who also embraced the 89X, KTCL and KRZQ adds for Radiohead’s “Go to Sleep”) are passing out ocean-sized hugs for all the supporters of those adorable Yellowcard fellas. “Way Away” got the attention of KDGE, WBCN, 91X, WBUZ and KHRO this week, while they were working their little butts off on the Warped tour. It’s what the kids want, man. I think it’s time for a cookie break. Yep, all sugared-up and ready to go. Wheeeeeeeeee! I’m about ready to call Columbia’s Stephanie Harty and say “What up, G?” or probably the more important “Don’t forget the sunscreen.” Not that I normally talk like that, but between this sugar and ALL THESE Switchfoot adds, it seemed appropriate. Shall I compile you a list? KTBZ, 91X, WROX, KTEG, WZNE, KFTE and WBTZ; read ‘em and pray. Hey now, amen. Kidding. Hello, I love God, too.  Man, I am starting to feel ill. What was in that heavenly mousse-like frosting, anyway? If any of you missed my raves last week about seeing The Sounds at the Viper, go dig up last week’s copy. This week, WRAX decided that “Seven Days a Week” sounds like the perfect amount of time to have fun and gave New Line’s Kevin Kertes a big, fat add. I really want to say I told you so to all you people who haven’t seen them live yet. The Rooney tour is just around the corner…Be there or be in trouble with me (yeah, ’cause I am such the pink tiger!). I seriously think I am running out of steam here, but can I tell you where I wish I was last night? Sitting at dinner with my beloved Travis fellows, who were dining with their new pals in Kings of Leon, while KITS, WAVF and WAQZ embraced “Molly’s Chambers” for their airwaves. Too bad those tickets to Japan are so expensive! Yes, the official sugar crash is happening, but WAIT! THIS JUST IN: KROQ adds INTERPOL. You can imagine the happy dance that’s taking place in this office right now—Ivana and I are so high on sugar that we almost did the Milli Vanilli chest slap. Oh my. Our voices are cracking with happiness as we dial KROQ and bestow hearty thanks to Kevin, Gene and Lisa, while also congratulating Patrick and Jenn at Matador. Let me compose myself… Before I depart to drink gallons of water, let me leave you with a few things to take notice of: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (I know this is on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately, but I LOVE them!), www.friendster.com (all the cool kids are doing it), The Postal Service (a long-time passion which is turning into KRZQ’s most requested record—ever!), Lollapalooza (can anyone get me tickets, pretty please?), Hot Hot Heat (KROQ’s #1 record), Fountains of Wayne (you guys are finally catching on to this SMASH!), Hot Action Cop (S.W.A.T. comes out Friday and everyone loves Samuel Jackson!) and The Donnas (back with “Too Bad About Your Girl” and a handful of adds). Oh goody, I get to do a “people to watch”: Ivana (happy birthday to you!), Geordie Gillespie, Janis Unterweiser, Shannah Miller, Steve Blatter, Violet, Dave Wellington, Mike Peer, John DiMaio, Russ Scheck, Libby and Todd Thomas. Thanks for getting this far with me; Ivana will be back in her usual space next week. Hugs and kisses!

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