I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Rick Wakeman play with Yes.
Ivana Talks About the Passion, Awakes to Find Arnold Governor
I had the weirdest nightmare last night. I dreamt California had elected Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor of California. I know—how far-fetched is that? Aren’t we taking this ’80s revival to an extreme (when another California actor was elected President)? Or has our thirst for Reality TV (of which I am guilty) blurred any remaining discernment of what is REAL?

Rather than succumb to apathy, I’m going to move forward with my “Johnny Knoxville in 2007” grassroots campaign (especially if I can convince the Olsen Twins that their career arc would be heightened by a term as Lt. Governor).

Monday’s holiday was spent: 1) Fasting (24 hours), 2) Atoning (3 hours), 3) Mentally listing the U.S. states in alphabetical order (see #2), 4) Cataloguing my ex-boyfriends in chronological order (see #2), 5) Contemplating layering options for my newly purchased collection of C and C California T-shirts (see #2), 6) Sending covert emails (via Sidekick) despite my vision being impaired from a hunger-related migraine, while Coldplay’s “Moses” played on “repeat” in my head. More atoning (or at least residual guilt) will likely follow.

After six consecutive nights of concerts, including Sunday night’s epic Shortlist Prize show, my nervous system was too “amplified” to allow for quiet reflection. Highlights included Tom Verlaine signing (and tuning) the Marquee Moon guitar (which I acquired with my Mission Impossible 2 paycheck) after the Television show, two sold-out Interpol shows at the always-friendly (hah!) Palladium, watching KBZT’s Garett and Halloran being congratulated by a parade of appreciative listeners at SOMA (site of another Interpol show), challenging KROQ’s Christine Fung to find her future husband in the crowd at Arrowfest (I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Rick Wakeman play with Yes), and watching Damien Rice’s incredible (and, ultimately, award-winning) set at the Wiltern.

Much movement in the Portland/Seattle corridor in the past few hours: KNRK APD Jayn has exited (email her at [email protected]), which will likely lead to a promotion for MD Jaime Cooley, who returns to the airwaves for afternoons with new hire Kallao (from KQXR) for the “Kallao and Cooley” show. Current afternoon host Marconi is moving to Seattle to do mornings at KNDD and KNRK. Newly departed Live105 part-timer JC assumes midday chores at KNRK (in addition to being my favorite member of NYSNC—oh, it’s not that JC?). Although I can barely keep track of the players without a scorecard, I certainly did notice that KNRK added Thursday’s “Signals Over the Air” this week!

There were many emphatic (!!!!) IM exchanges with our friends at Elektra when we saw that MTV2 upped Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” video to “Handpicked”! Erika’s and my obsession for this record remains boundless and yesterday’s street date only magnifies our intensity. Nearly every PoMo station is having success with this track, and even Seth Resler ran out of excuses! We only tease Seth because we love him (or at least he thinks we do), but even in the middle of our weekly Gilmore Girls-esque verbal sparring, we still acknowledged that WBRU’s early support of Howie Day’s “Perfect Time of Day” is VISIONARY, especially with MTV adding the video to Buzzworthy this week! Then we went back to making fun of him. Because we can.

There are those rare moments during deadline when a station’s adds will remind us of what format we’re in, like Live105 adding Travis’ “Re-Offender;” KRBZ adding a second track from the Postal Service (call Susan at Sub Pop for the details); WROX (among others) adding the genius underground smash, “House of Jealous Lovers,” from The Rapture; or major-market love for the new Ryan Adams single from WHFS and WFNX.

The new Columbia team had a spectacular week rectifying PoMo radio’s egregious abandonment of The Ataris (Was it a “fear of success” thing? Shouldn’t this gold-selling band be an “automatic” at this point?). “The Saddest Song” was Most Added, including KMYZ, KPNT, WWCD, WWRX, WAVF, KFTE, KKND, KFMA, KFRR and WRZK! PoMo goddess Stephanie Harty also reeled in X-96 and KDGE on Switchfoot’s “Meant to Live,” as that record evolves into the smash Charlie Walk always knew it was.

Island’s Howie Miura and Christine Chiappetta had an extraordinary early week with the new Hoobastank single, “Out of Control,” grabbing more than 30 early adds. This song is a full-on smash and absolutely highlights the band’s growth as musicians and songwriters. You may quote me.

The Epic gang had a brilliant week with Korn’s “Right Now” (which is not a Van Halen cover), including, well, EVERYBODY. Kids sure do like Korn (especially the male kids in the coveted 18-24 demo). Kids may not know it yet, but they’re also going to love the new Phantom Planet single, “Big Brat,” which singer Alex Greenwald premiered on Y100 last week.

Some of us have been Iggy fans since we were “in the demo” (back when we bought our music on vinyl), and the new single, “Little Know It All,” is our favorite Iggy track since “Real Wild One.” Iggy’s live performances are unrivaled, which is why the prospect of a tour has me checking Pollstar.com on a daily basis.

Guess which song is #1 Phones at K-Rock? Would you believe “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness? I’m not sure about love, but I definitely believe in The Darkness. Rob Cross and Mike Peer have played this CD for anyone who would listen, and I absolutely believe that their enthusiasm has made an impact on the station’s audience. Remember when programmers and DJs were PASSIONATE about music? Believe me, it makes a difference. Despite protestations from some of the programming staff (they’ll come around), Oedipus added The Darkness at WBCN this week, although Ron Poore and Atlantic aren’t “officially” going for adds until Nov. 4. In the current musical climate (boring, faceless, metal-lite), The Darkness is a much-needed injection of adrenaline and swagger. Thank you.

SONG TO HEAR: Michael Stipe’s acoustic performance of  Interpol’s “NYC” at Madison Square Garden.

PEOPLE TO WATCH: Bob Waugh, Chris Williams, Kerry Marsico, Dave Beasing, Gary Spivack (#1 Most Added this week with blink-182!), Bill Burrs, Mike Stern, Alan Smith and Howard Leon.

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