Staind, Deftones a Lock for Next Week’s Top Two Chart Positions
Adding to an increasingly rock-charged album chart, both Staind and Deftones appear headed for the top next week, in the #1 and #2 positions, respectively.

Indeed, according to early reports from national accounts, Staind’s 14 Shades of Grey (Elektra) is on course for a first week in the neighborhood of 250k.

The Deftones’ eponymous Maverick effort, meanwhile, looks like it will come in at around 200k.

Both numbers are more than sufficient to seize the top of the chart. This week’s #1, Marilyn Manson’s The Golden Age of Grotesque (Nothing/Interscope) sold just north of 118k.

Also making some noise at retail is “cyberpimp” David Banner’s Mississippi: The Album (SRC/Universal), which appears headed for a first week of over 70k.

The remainder of the week is likely to look pretty soft, thanks to the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, traditionally not a big record-buying weekend for people, most of whom are focused on getting out of town for three days. Also, due to shipping difficulties brought on by the holiday, no major releases are slated for next week—also a typical situation.

That said, we’re betting that the rock will continue to roll thereafter.