And You Thought YOU Had a Lot Going On

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER: During last night’s bout of insomnia (which was no different than any other night’s), I chose to spend the wee small hours of the morning mentally cataloging how I’d spent my summer. Let’s reflect—I attended five radio station festivals; wrote roughly 10,000 words of drivel; used the phrase “completely genius” at least 18 times in print (and 10 times that in the course of conversation); spent fewer than 20 hours all summer in direct sunlight; worked on two television series—Pepsi Smash behind the scenes, Performing As on camera; watched no less than 4,380 hours of Reality TV, but only read one book (The Devil Wears Prada, of course); began a new diet every week, including the South Beach, Atkins, Zone and no-white-food diets, for a collective total of four days; lost five pounds—gained ’em back; drove within sight of the Pacific Ocean once; rejoiced in the birth of three friends’ babies, yet still believe that at 42 I’m too young for motherhood; called Pat Ferrise, James Van Osdol and Jay Harren at least 16 times each to talk me off the ledge; played The Roots’ “The Seed 2.0” in my Caddy 56 consecutive times; paid to see Roxy Music, Iggy and the Stooges and Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent from The Zombies, but ultimately, it was the Coldplay show at the Hollywood Bowl that was priceless; spent 32 hours on the phone with Taylor Hanson; saw The Polyphonic Spree twice (and almost ran away to join the group each time); weaseled my way backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live to get Daryl Hall’s autograph on my copy of Sacred Songs; became aware of how truly haggard and unattractive I look when I saw my likeness in bobblehead form; went to Disneyland for the first time ever; walked at least 50 miles in the hills near my house with Jenni Sperandeo and her completely genius dog Cissy, during which we solved the ills of the music industry in two words: Jack White; took zero vacation days, and, despite hundreds of hours of incessant whining, it was a great way to spend the summer…Congrats to our beloved Kerry Marsico at TVT in L.A. and Gary and John in the home office for being #1 Most Added this week with Sevendust’s “Enemy.” They are happy…. Our friends at Warner Bros. are ecstatic that first-week sales for Rancid’s Indestructible exceeded 50k, as well as exceeding everyone’s expectations. If you’re nice to Rob Goldklang, maybe he’ll play you the new R.E.M. song. Tell him that you watch Big Brother 4, too… Rick Morrison refused to leave V2 Records without one more week being Most Added with The White Stripes’ “Hardest Button to Button,” including KTBZ, 91X, WXNR, KKND, WMRQ, WROX and more… Todd Nukem and the rest of the X-96 gang should be glowing after receiving their recent trend: 3.9-4.3 12+ and huge gains 18-34!… Andyman and Jack at CD101 in Columbus (hello!) posted a full point’s gain in their recent trend: 1.9-2.9. They are the standard by which every small-to-medium market station should be compared…. Before I jet off to NYC for the VMAs, let me first hail the Elektra team for another spectacular week on Jet’s completely genius single, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” including KROQ, WHFS, WOCL, WRAX, WRZX, CIMX, WZNE, KRZQ, WROX, WWDX, etc. This song is flying on the air! I wish the band could be with me tomorrow night for the MTV2/LIFEbeat show at Roseland with headliners The Stooges. Few artists are as revered in Jet’s homeland (Australia, specifically Melbourne) as Iggy Pop, whose new Virgin album is due next month. Awesome—that means I’ll get to see Steve Leeds and Howard P. tomorrow night, as well. Before Iggy launches into “No Fun,” I’ll find time to congratulate the Virgin gang on landing WXDX on B.M.R.C. and another four big adds on IMA Robot’s “Dynomite!”…. This week, two years ago, I saw Travis at Roseland, which was memorable not only because I met my longtime crush Dan Abrams, but also because it was one of Travis’ best shows ever. Until the band is back in the States, I will have to remain content with repeated spins of their new single, “Re-Offender.” If WBUZ and KMYZ can add this record, so can you…. Another stupendous week for our Capitol pals on Radiohead’s “Go to Sleep” (WBRU, WZTA, WKRL, KRBZ and more), Yellowcard’s “Way Away” (WSUN, WXNR, WGRD, WAQZ and KFTE) and Coldplay’s “God Put a Smile on Your Face” (WFNX and WLUM). There is no truth to the rumor I started that Ted Volk credits his success at PoMo to the wisdom gained from reading the New York Post every morning…. Lorraine Caruso had a breakthrough week on the Three Days Grace record, with adds on “I Hate Everything About You” from WZZN, KDGE, WRAX and WJRR!…. Chris Woltman and his RCA/J team reeled in KROQ and WARQ this week on Kings of Leon’s “Molly’s Chambers.” How cool is that? We’re absolutely in love with the Longwave single, “Tidal Wave,” which was added at Live105 this week, among others! With any luck at all, I will leave NYC having heard the new Strokes single… MTV added the Thursday video for “Signals Over the Air” into Buzzworthy this week, while Island is also blazing hot with Thrice’s “All That’s Left,” as Christine Chiappetta and Howie Miura reel in KNRK, WEDG, WOCL and WJRR! All we can say is Hoobastank. Thank you…. Is there a record we love more right now than OutKast’s “Hey Ya”? Not a chance, which is why we were psyched to see Laura, Dave and Shannah land adds at CIMX, WOCL, KWOD, WMRQ and WJSE this week… Our Rookie-of-the-Summer award goes to Dan Connelly and Dayna Talley for their absolutely completely genius job crossing Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” back to PoMo, including adds this week at WXRK, Q101, WFNX, WLUM, KZON, WWDX and WXTW!…. SONG TO HEAR: The All-American Rejects’ “Time Stands Still” (this song is an unmitigated SMASH)…. PEOPLE TO WATCH: Lisa Worden, Gary Spivack, Stu Bergen, Alan Galbraith, John Michael, Ben Berkman, Joe Rainey, Kris Metzdorf, Tim Bronson, Bobby Duncan, Gary Cee, Del Williams, Bob Waugh, Dave Beasing, Dave Wellington and Bill Carroll.




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