Band Ready for World Domination With Sophomore Effort

For DreamWorksPapa Roach, the lead singer’s name may have changed, and its sound may be evolving, but the goal remains the same—giving their fans what they want.

The band’s sophomore album, lovehatetragedy, comes out next Tuesday (6/18), and the biggest difference is vocalist Coby Dick’s decision to go back to his given name, Jacoby Shaddix.

"Don’t freak out," he assures us, while adding the decision has to do with the new record’s return to its rock roots. "You can still call me Coby."

The central California-based quartet’s major-label bow, Infest, released April 2000, has sold 3.5 million OTC in the U.S. to date, and expectations are high for the new effort, with 800k records on the streets. The first manufacturing run of the album will include two extra tracks and a pair of videos.

The band’s product manager, Steve Rosenblatt, says the hard-working group didn’t just hand in its new album, "They’ve really made sure radio, TV and retail were aware when it was coming out." The Papa Roach blitz included:

* Playing a number of high-profile radio concerts, including KITS S.F., WXRK N.Y., WBCN’s Riverfest in Boston, BPI Denver, the Edge in Dallas, HFStival in D.C. and KXXR Minneapolis. The band performs at KROQ’s Weenie Roast in Irvine, CA, this weekend (6/15).

* Performing at MTV’s recent Icons show honoring Aerosmith, Live at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (to air 7/17), a special on the making of the "She Loves Me Not" video and upcoming episodes of Diary and Cribs. MTV2 previews the album in its entirety Saturday night (6/15), and is running a Heineken campaign with a sweepstakes to have the band play a show in the winner’s town.

* 250k Papa Roach shopping bags sent to retail outlets nationwide, along with streamers, snipes, two-sided posters and stickers. Also, 200k cup holders are being distributed to hip campus and mom-and-pop coffeehouses.

* In-stores at Best Buys in L.A. (6/18) and Minneapolis (6/19), and at Looney Tunes on Long Island (6/20).

* Billboards in L.A., N.Y., S.F., Boston and Sacramento.

* Joining the Anger Management tour with Eminem, Ludacris and X-ecutioners, which gets underway July 16 in Buffalo followed by a European tour in the fall, and their first-ever U.S. headlining jaunt from November into 2003.

* Playing a free show eve of release (6/17) in Sacramento, with tickets given out to fans pre-ordering the album at Dimple Records outlets in central California.

* Unprecedented security measures taken by the label to keep the album off the Internet, while using the Web to promote the release via buddy icons, e-cards and e-mailed tracks. Also, an online contest to win an autographed guitar.

* Appearances on the cover of Mean Streets, along with feature stories in Spin, Entertainment Weekly and Gene Simmons Tongue.

"We want everyone to know there’s a new Papa Roach album out," explains Rosenblatt. "The band made a great record, and they’re working their butts off. And now it’s our turn. Will you excuse me while I strap on this sandwich board and start walking along Sunset?"