Your New-Media Musical-Events Planner
As if we didn’t do enough for you, we’re gonna sum up a month’s worth of music happenings from the online and cable/satellite worlds. You’re welcome.

Launch, which is currently trumpeting its incorporation into Yahoo! by calling itself "Your Yahoo! Music Experience," announces "Mega Music May," so for Pete’s sake, strap yourselves in. This is gonna be one wild ride.

Eminem has been designated Artist of the Month, and a "freewheeling" interview with hip-hop’s lightning bolt will be compiled from questions posted to the site before 5/7. The urbane Mr. Mathers’ ripostes will be available for streaming on 5/20.

Em is already stirring up controversy online, through the "jamming" of P2P sites with looped snippets of songs from his upcoming album, The Eminem Show. He and Interscope are reportedly considering copy-protection on the CD, which will initially be packaged with a bonus DVD. His new single, "Without Me," is already looking unstoppable.

Launch will also offer "18 Days of Moby" through, surprisingly, 5/18—inspired by the title of the inventive V2 artist’s new disc, 18. His new single, "We Are All Made of Stars," will be among the offerings, which also include remixes and videos.

MCA’s Something Corporate is dubbed "Breakout Artist of the Month," a new feature boasting behind-the-scenes video and streams from upcoming album Leaving Through the Window, which includes the PoMo gem "If YouU C Jordan."

Launch will also kick off its show Indelible this month. The program focuses on artists who’ve made a career-long mark on pop culture, and the first one profiled is A&M’s Sheryl Crow.

Crow is also AOL Music’s Artist of the Month for May. She’s the proud recipient of her own keyword and is the subject of an interview with Chris Douridas on Sessions@AOL; audio and video streams, an exclusive documentary and a dedicated video channel for AOL Broadband users in 30 markets.

AOL also features a premiere of new Columbia signing and rock icon David Bowie’s latest track, "Slow Burn," featuring Pete Townshend on guitar, this month. It’ll be streamable a work before it hits radio at Keyword: First Listen and via other AOL-affiliated online properties.

There will also be a First Listen "global premiere" of megastar Will Smith’s "Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)," which smells like a big event-movie tie-in, dunnit?

But hey, you can’t live your life on the computer. Every once in a while, ya gotta log off and turn on the TV.

That’s when you’ll want to check out the May concert series from cable and satellite music provider Music Choice, which presents two PoMo comers, DreamWorks’ Jimmy Eat World and Capitol’s Starsailor, through 5/12, and Capitol’s Platinum-selling, Grammy-nabbing Coldplay from 5/13-5/26.

The programs are presented as 60-minute combinations of live footage and interview segments; Music Choice now claims to reach more than 27 million households. Check their site for dates and times.