Ninth Installment of Comp Series Besting
Jay-Z/R.Kelly So Far With First-Week Sales Looking to Top 400k

The Grammys have come and gone, and this week the world’s eyes turn to those glamorous people who inhabit the magical world of Hollywood, make movies about stuff people care about (like math) and then give each other golden statues of a mime standing at attention to celebrate.

But hold on a second, folks. Now is not the time to forget about the little ole record business. Not when early reports from national accounts indicate there's one album flirting with 400k in first-week sales and another with 300k. In fact, now is the time to talk about Now again. Take that, Gladiator boy.

That’s right: UTV’s Now Vol.9 and Def Jam’s Best of Both Worlds appear to be on track for 1-2 chart debuts after one day on the street. The Now compilation is huge, as always, will approach 400k in first-week sales and seize the #1 chart position from Lost Highway’s runaway O Brother soundtrack. Meanwhile, R. Kelly’s legal problems haven’t stopped music fans from buying his collaboration with Jay-Z, as Best of Both Worlds appears to be on track to sell just under 300k, which would command the #2 slot.

But before you switch on E!’s nonstop play-by-play coverage of Adelson on the red carpet, check this out: Epic’s Glenn Lewis is selling well out of the box, and early reports indicate that World Outside My Window should do over 80k by the end of the week, which would put it in Top 10 contention.

While we’re on the subject of Epic, don’t forget that next week brings Celine Dion’s A New Day Has Come. And we all know what a titanic debt Hollywood owes everybody’s favorite Canadian.

If they gave an Oscar for suck, we just know it would be ours.