Philly Soulster’s Got It, Lauryn Hill Selling Too
Now that's Musiq to our ears. On the heels of this week’s Top 5 chart debuts from Big Tymers (#1) the Spider-Man soundtrack (#4) and Vanessa Carlton (#5), the R&B sensation's new album, Juslisen (Universal), is on track to sell well over 200k in its first week, according to early reports from national accounts.

He may have lost the “Soulchild,” but he’s gained a #1 record.

Musiq’s chart debut next week will shut down the Big Tymers’ run at #1 after only one week. Now, as you might expect, “loser” is a more familiar term to us than “winner,” but we still know that a #1 debut is a #1 debut, no matter for how long.

Also coming on the chart next week will be Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 (Columbia), which appears poised to hit the 100k mark. That should give her a good shot at a Top 5 berth. That’s “berth,” as in a place to dock or park, not “birth,” as in babies and stuff, because Lauryn Hill already has a family.

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