Hill Climbs High, LL’s Still Cool, Taproot's Rooting Out Hard-Rock Fans
Country radio may not be coming to the party, but the Pop power of Faith Hill is propelling her new album, Cry (Warner Bros.), to the top of this week’s Top 50 Album chart, with sales projected somewhere between 400k and 450k.

Besides Hill, this week’s top album chart debuts include Island/IDJ’s LL Cool J, who is a lock for a Top Five bow, while Motown’s Dave Hollister, Elektra’s Gerald Levert and Tracy Chapman and Reprise’s Fleetwood Mac best of collection will all post solid first weeks.

And if that ain’t enough to make you want to declare war on someone…anyone—check out the first-week numbers for Velvet Hammer/Atlantic rockers Taproot.

Besides being our first choice to be the ground force in Iraq, Top 40 programmers are proving their genius again by piling adds on new tracks from WB’s Red Hot Chili Peppers and Capitol’s Kylie Minogue. Solid close-out will be experienced by Cash Money/Universal’s Big Tymers, MCA’s Shaggy and Flawless/Geffen’s Puddle of Mudd.

At the always-radical Post Modern, where the peace movement means a protest sticker on the Beemer, they are doing back flips over the aforementioned Taproot sales, as well as the success of the single from that nutty new band Nirvana (Geffen/Interscope).

For those who just can’t wait for next week’s album chart, Tuesday (10/22) brings new albums from Santana, Foo Fighters, 3LW and Rod Stewart.

Remember, kids: Give piece counts a chance.