VH1 Music Guru Ponders the Meaning of Life and Divas Las Vegas

1. Who gets the bigger dressing room—you, the Dixie Chicks or Wayne Newton?
It’s Wayne’s town, baby—we’re just renting it for the night.

2. What’s your limit on losses before you leave the blackjack table?
My subscription to HITS—something I can afford to lose.

3. Are you gong to see Siegfried & Roy while you’re in town?
Only if I can’t get tickets to see "Lavinthal & Beer."

4. Will you be playing baccarat with Rene Angeli?
Hey, I can use the press.

5. How will you decide the performing order among all those divas?
A poker game the night before.

VH1’s Divas Las Vegas will air May 23 at 8 p.m.