Funeral for the 22-Year-Old R&B Star To Be Private; Flowers, Cards Are Welcome
As fans and loved ones continued to mourn, the body of 22-year-old R&B singer/actress Aaliyah, who was killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas on Saturday (8/25), was flown back to New York for burial.

The remains of all the victims killed in the Saturday plane crash were expected to be returned to the United States for burial by today.

The twin-engine Cessna bound from the Bahamas to Florida carrying Aaliyah and eight others crashed just after takeoff, in clear weather, on Saturday (hitsdailydouble.com, 8/25). Engine failure is suspected to be the cause, although many reports have claimed the plane was over its weight limit with luggage and equipment. The NTSB has joined the investigation to help uncover the cause of the crash.

While Aaliyah’s family plans to keep the funeral private, flowers and cards are welcome.

Please send flowers and floral arrangements to:
The Trump International Hotel
1 Central Park West
NY, NY 10023
Attn: Diane Haughton

Please send letters and cards to:
Aaliyah Memorial
101 W. 23rd St.
Suite 2342
NY, NY 10011

Those who wish to send flowers or notes of condolences for Blackground Product Manager Gina Smith, also killed in the crash, can do so by sending them to:
Morris Bates Funeral Home
1700 Evans Ave.
Ft. Worth, TX. 76104
c/o Gina Michelle Smith

In accordance with Aaliyah's family's wishes, a fund has been set up in her name.

Aaliyah Memorial Fund
c/o Entertainment Industry Foundation
11132 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 401
Studio City, CA 91604
Attention: Merrily Newton
818 760 7722
Fax: 818 760 7898
E-mail: [email protected]

Donation checks can be sent directly. Donors wishing to use credit cards should contact Newton via phone, fax or email. All donations are 100% tax deductible. The tax id number is 95-1644609. Cards will be sent to the family notifying them of gifts made.

As Aaliyah was committed to breast cancer charities, the fund will be split as follows:
50% to the Revlon/UCLA women's cancer research program.
50% split between Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Harlem, the National Breast Cancer Center in Washington DC and the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center, all beneficiaries of the upcoming charitable event "Breathe," at which Aaliyah was slated to appear October 27th.

The death of Aaliyah has shaken the industry. What follows is just a sampling of the reaction from many of Aaliyah’s fans and friends from the radio side of the industry.

Jimmy Steal, PD KPWR Los Angeles: "We were at the Power House Show and it was Big Boy that actually told me what happened. The news was just spreading through the backstage area. Ludacris was the next act up and he actually made the announcement to the crowd. This was one of those moments that I think you’re better being around other people instead of hearing it while you’re alone. It just shows you how fragile life is. She will be missed dearly."

Thea Mitchem, MD WPGC Washington, D.C.: "Aaliyah was an amazing singer, actress, entertainer and human being. Her loss is no less than devastating to the music community and her fans. She touched people’s lives more than just with her music, but with the kind of person she was and the spirit of life she exuded. She will be very missed and never forgotten."

Orlando, PD WLLD Orlando: "My heart is really heavy about this whole thing. It was always bigger than just a record when it came to Aaliyah. She was a real superstar, not only in music but in film as well. She will be greatly missed."

Kashon Powell, PD KBXX Houston: "This is such a tragedy. She lost her life at such an early age. She was a brilliant artist and brought so much life to everything she did. She is one sister that will be missed and never forgotten."

Michael Martin, PD KYLD/KMEL San Francisco: "It’s so rare you meet such a genuinely nice human being. Aaliyah has been a friend to our stations and it’s sad to see her cut so short before we all saw her true potential."

Eric Bradley, APD WBBM Chicago: "Aaliyah was an amazingly talented, genuine, gifted, caring, articulate and all out blessed woman. To have her life cut so short is nothing less than a horrific tragedy. I always thought she would be an all-timer. It’s just a shame that we’ll never know if that would have indeed been the case. She will be missed."

Russ Allen, PD KTHT Houston: "Our industry has lost a good person. Aaliyah was an inspirational role model to many people. She will be missed."

E-Man, MD KPWR Los Angeles: "I didn’t believe what I heard at first about Aaliyah. The more I kept hearing about it, the more it became a reality. It was so shocking that it really hurt inside. My sympathies go out to her family and the families of all the other people on that plane. Her music will always be alive."

Dontay, MD KXJM Portland: "I can’t believe it happened. I feel like I lost a little sister. A truly talented young lady that will be missed."

Charlie Huero, APD KKFR Phoenix: "Outside of her music talent, she was a real person. No Hollywood bullshit. She was kind and genuine to the bone…a person with a great heart."

EBRO, PD KBMB Sacramento: "Aaliyah: sincere, beautiful, smart, elegant and passionate. These words don’t apply to even half of the young women in this business and it hurts that our wake-up call came at the fate of one of our sweethearts at the peak of her career. She won’t be paralleled and she will definitely be missed."

Vinnie Brown, PD WBLS-FM New York: "We considered her a friend of the station. She made a transition from teen idol to a veteran and accomplished more in six years than most accomplished in a lifetime. She had the potential to be the next big female in music—not just R&B. She had star quality."

Myron Fears, PD KPRS-FM Kansas City: "Death is a tragedy for anyone, regardless of any status. Our prayers go out to her family as well as her fans. It was weird to wake up Sunday morning and find out what had happened, and it's sad to see a person whose entertainment career was about to go full throttle, to see how that was taken away, God has a way of putting things into our minds that we must try to achieve as much as we can before we leave. She did a lot at such a young age. If any young lady or young man needed to look at a person who worked hard, you could just mention the name of Aaliyah."

Eddie Brasco, AMD KVSP-AM Oklahoma City: "It's sad, it really is. The loss of Aaliyah is a definite blow to the industry—all genres of music. Her loss is gonna be felt for a long time. The best thing I think that we can do is to pray and let the music she left behind live on through us. She is definitely someone who is going to be missed in this market, as well as all markets. She was a great artist who did her job very well. She was very personable, and that's why I think it's such a tragedy for us to lose someone like that."

Walt "Q-Bear" Banks, PD WMOJ-FM Minneapolis: "She's one of those young artists whose career had just started to bloom. It was like she developed herself to the point where she was starting to be visible to a wider audience. A lot of teenagers looked up to her, and a lot of older artists looked at her and said, 'She a young cutie who was very mature-acting.' It's crazy that she is gone at such a young age. She will be missed in the music industry, but at the same time, you could see the talent she had in her short movie career. She had more in front of her than just a career in music."

Dorsey Fuller, APD KKBT-FM Los Angeles: "I just had the opportunity to meet her about three weeks ago. The thing that got me about her was that she had a beautiful spirit and a strong presence. I felt there was a connection that didn't need a whole lot of words. She was on her way to being a major superstar. She will definitely be missed."

Heart Attack, APD/MD WOWI, WJCD, WSVY, WSVV Norfolk: "We all will miss her. As soon as they found out she had passed, our listeners went to the record stores, and all her product was gone. That showed that she had major support. People were drawn to her. Like Princess Diana, they were a part of her through her music."

Tosha Love, MD WVEE-FM: "We have been doing dedications and memorials to Aaliyah since we found out. Listeners are crying and really upset. Her death impacts everyone. To them, she was like family. Listeners said they named their daughters after her. We're trying to stay in good spirits because she is in God's hands."

Pamela Anise, PD WESE-FM Tupelo: "I am deeply saddened by the loss of a rising young star. It's like I lost my little sister! Remember that life is short and the next breath, day, or anything is not promised. We need to live each day to the fullest. I send my prayers out to her family and friends."

B Paiz, APD WMNX-FM Wilmington: "Aaliyah's music touched and bridged the gap between so many cultures. She was not just an urban artist, she was an artist for all people. Aaliyah, we will miss you."

Kala, MD WDKX-FM Rochester "Aaliyah was the type of artist parents would expose their kids to. She was a role model for our minority youth: Never negative, always positive. I respected her professionalism and her cool air. Aaliyah was real."

Yonni Da Rude Bwoy, MD WWWZ-FM Charleston: "Aaliyah will truly be missed. Charleston sends its prayers."

Qquincy, PD WTMG-FM Gainsville: "Aaliyah was a talented young lady, and her time ended much too soon. She'll be missed greatly."

Robert Scorpio, PD KKBT-FM Los Angeles: "It's hard to believe it's actually true. Rest in peace, Aaliyah."

Jay Alexander, PD WBTF-FM Lexington,: "Aaliyah was an up-and-coming star who was cut down in her prime. It's tragic and heartbreaking. When I heard about it, I was devastated."

Angelica Storm, Middays WHNR-AM/FM Winter Haven: "We all feel a special connection to artists as on-air personalities. This tragedy is very devastating to the music industry. I send my prayers to her family. She is truly one in a million."

Sugar Bear, PD WAJZ-FM Albany: "This is a tragic loss to the industry as well as the world. However, whatever God's plan for Aaliyah was, she obviously left us with what He wanted, and we should remember that always."

Erika, PD KCAQ-FM Oxnard: "Aaliyah did her thing the right way. No one can say anything bad about this girl. She was smart and she had her head together. She was on her way to superstardom."

Jay Love, MD WJHM-FM Orlando: "My deepest sympathy go out to the family. It is such a tragic loss of a beautiful life."

Roderick Smith, PD WRXZ-FM Albany, GA: "I feel for her people because I know how it is to lose someone, especially someone that had not reached their potential. She will always live in our hearts through her music."

Adrian Long, APD/MD WEMX-FM Baton Rouge: "I am very disappointed in the media coverage from MTV and BET; Aaliyah deserves more. This tragedy makes us re-evaluate our lives and cherish every moment we have. Something should be put together for all radio listeners across the nation for the mourning of this star."

Latone Heart, MD WKPO-FM Janesville: "It is a terrible loss. Aaliyah had unlimited potential that was not reached. The positive influence on our youth will be missed."

Jade Starr, APD WIBB-FM Macon: "No matter your age, it can happen at anytime. This is an eye-opening situation. No one is promised tomorrow. Live your life to the fullest and take advantage of every opportunity offered to you."

Cocoa, APD WIIZ-FM Barnwell: "Aaliyah was a multifaceted artist who was truly one in a million."

DJ Blade, AMD WNOV-FM Milwaukee: "She wasn't just beautiful on the outside; she was beautiful on the inside."

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