As the second day following the hideous attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon passed, radio programmers, labels and even online message board hosts did what they could to help calm the situation—or at least not stir
things up.
Potentially Insensitive Songs, Art Pulled or Postponed as Nation Grieves, Copes
As the second day following the hideous attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon passed, radio programmers, labels and even online message board hosts did what they could to help calm the situation—or at least not stir things up.

In a couple of cases, this has meant taking a second look at songs previously thought to be innocuous, such as Dave Matthews Band’s "When the World Ends." RCA had planned to go for adds on the song (the latest from the band’s Everyday album) on Sept. 25, but has now postponed any effort to gain airplay. Matthews has reportedly described the song as being about two people in love, but its title alone was enough to give people second thoughts in light of the week’s horrific events.

Also concerned are Wind-up’s Drowning Pool, whose hit "Bodies" has been widely played of late. The band’s management is reportedly in discussions with Wind-up about organizing a moratorium on playing the song while people deal with the aftermath of the attacks. While a statement from the band may be forthcoming, some stations have pulled "Bodies" on their own. According to WXDX Pittsburgh MD Lenny Diana, the track will go back on the air at some point, “but right now we are all a little stunned by what happened and are trying very hard to not to stunt the artist’s growth during this strange time we are in. It's tough to say what is right and wrong and if one song can trigger people's emotions, but after what happened, we are being sensitive to the listeners.”

A third example of the sensitivity being displayed following the tragedy is Saliva’s "Click Click Boom" (Island/IDJ), which has also been receiving widespread airplay. While the song doesn’t specifically celebrate violence—the title/refrain seems to be a metaphor for "going off" in general—it has reportedly caused some programmers to reevaluate it, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, P.O.D.’s "Alive" (Atlantic) is reportedly receiving increased airplay as listeners respond to its uplifting message and anthemic feel. The song’s positivity will likely see it grow further in popularity in the coming weeks.

As reported here previously, one of the more bizarre incidents of the past few days involving records has been the album cover art for Oakland, CA, rap duo The Coup’s forthcoming album, "Party Music" (75 Ark). The image, which had yet to be printed, is said to have been completed two months ago, yet eerily depicts explosions in both the WTC towers at just about the same points where the hijacked airliners tore through the buildings. Wired.com  reports that the band objected to 75 Ark’s decision to pull the album cover, quoting Coup member Boots Riley as saying the design was "supposed to be a metaphor for the capitalist state being destroyed through the music" and shouldn’t be misconstrued as a call to violence. However, Riley insists, "They can't sidestep that the reason this is being censored is a political one, not a sympathetic one. It's not out of respect to the victims." The art has been removed from the band’s site.

Veteran rock act Dream Theater and label EastWest have also been contemplating whether to pull the band’s new album, Live Scenes from NY, because that album’s cover also depicts the WTC (and the Statue of Liberty) engulfed in flames.

Another recent point of contention has been the message board on Rage Against the Machine’s website. The company that had been donating message-board services to Rage has decided to pull its support after several reportedly anti-American posts turned up on the site yesterday, prompting repeated calls from government agencies. The following message, signed by Rage guitarist Tom Morello and others, was posted today on the message board page: "We've just been informed that Infopop, the company that hosts the Rage Against the Machine message board, will no longer donate their services to keep this message board running in light of repeated phone calls they have received from the Secret Service with regard to inflammatory posts on several of the forums. We are endeavoring to correct the situation and get your free exchange of information and ideas up and running as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, reports of efforts on the part of musicians, labels and media companies to somehow assuage the grief being felt nationwide continue to come in. Sade and Earth Wind & Fire are the latest artists to add their names as donors to Clear Channel’s ClearChannel.com Relief Fund. Each will donate $10,000 from concert proceeds, as have Lynyrd Skynrd and the Backstreet Boys. Donations of any size may be made at Clear Channel.com or by writing to the relief fund at POP box 659512, San Antonio, TX 78265.

The Robert Cray Band will donate all proceeds from its Seattle show Saturday night to the American Red Cross. KMTT-FM, Seattle Theatre Group, House of Blues Concerts, Ticketmaster, Impact Work Group and Carlson Audio are contributing their services to the concert. All remaining tickets will be sold on a two-for-one basis, with the hope of encouraging concertgoers to donate the cost of the companion ticket or any other charitable gift to the American Red Cross. KMTT staffers will be on hand in the theater lobby to collect the donations. Checks may be made payable to American Red Cross.

Country Music Television will telecast a one-hour special, Peace, Prayer and Unity tonight and tomorrow morning. The program will feature Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Phil Vassar, Shannon Brown and Michael Smith, among others.

In Chicago, CBS 2 television and all seven of the city’s Infinity radio stations have joined with TCF Bank and Jewel-Osco stores to form the "Together We Stand" fund to benefit the American Red Cross. Viewer and listener donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000. Donations may be made at any TCF Bank branch, or mailed to P.O. Box 410906, Chicago, IL 60641.

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