A Place For You To Contact People Laid Off In The Recent Capitol-Priority Merger
The following is a list of those laid off in the recent Capitol-Priority merger with contact numbers. If you want to be included on this list, e-mail pertinent information to [email protected], and we'll continue to update as we receive it.

Capitol Records

Brian Corona, Sr. Director National Alternative and Triple-A Promotion
(626) 799-5683
[email protected]

Michael White, Director of Marketing
(818) 766-6860

Aimee Saiger, Director National Pop Promotion
(212) 787-8887
[email protected]

Jaymi Chernin, Director of National Rock Promotion
(973) 403-9373
(917) 855-1674 (cell)
[email protected]

Meredith Louie, Publicity
(310) 664-9517
(310) 636-7694 (pager)
(310) 418-4764 (cell)
[email protected]

Teri Goldberg, International Promotion
(310) 550-1729 (home)
(310) 924-4200 (mobile)
[email protected]

Gwendolyn Quinn, VP, R&B Publicity
(718) 783-0036
[email protected]

Robyn Ryland-Sanders, Associate Director, Publicity & Media Relations
(201) 888-2788
[email protected]

Priority Records

Greg Maffei, Pop Regional
(818) 259-1500
[email protected]

Julio Trejo, Publicity
(323) 493-9973
[email protected]

Brian Zeno, Marketing
(310) 466-5525
[email protected]

Elizabeth Paniagua, Production
(626) 441-6422
[email protected]

Michael Whited, VP Pop Promotion
877 [email protected]
(818) 907-8995

Richard Comstock, IST
[email protected]

Jacki Feldstein, Sales
(323) 936-8318
[email protected]

Stephanie Fairweather, Regional Rep
(415) 664-2549
[email protected]

Jennifer Keipp, Human Resources
(323) 734-3431
[email protected]

Laurie Howard, VP Human Resources
(818) 749-9577
[email protected]

Kenneth "Data" Chin, Director A&R
[email protected]

Vita Patel, Art Dept. (Production)
(818) 846-7321
[email protected]

Yigal Dakar, Rock Marketing
[email protected]

John Rotella, VP Marketing
(818) 517-2897
[email protected]

Joey Carvello, VP Pop Promotion
(212) 595-2324
[email protected]
Instant messenger: joeyredsox2001

Hilaire Brosio, Sr. Director Rock and Alternative Promotion
(310) 379-2486
[email protected]

Robin Pelka, East Coast Regional Rep.
(718) 787-0553
[email protected]

Denise Cotellesse, Pop Promotions
(323) 467-7527
[email protected]

Carolyn Young, Pop Promotions
(917) 539-1692

Stephanie McGhee, Video Dept.
(310) 674-5792

Zevan Frostad, Sales
[email protected]
(310) 538-3894

Sheri Pitts, Sales
[email protected]
(323) 377-1177

Soul Session, Sales
[email protected]

Phil Blume, VP Sales
[email protected]
(310) 207-6002

Andrew Davis, Production Manager, New Media
(805) 712-5808
[email protected]
IM: atomic2797

Shelly Hartman, Online Marketing Manager
(323) 936-7003
[email protected]

Greg Danylyshyn, Manager A&R
(323) 791-7011
[email protected]

Chuck Wilson, Director A&R
[email protected]

Alex Kesicbasian, VP Finance, Accounting & Royalties
[email protected]

Noah Jolles, Director Video Promotion
(917) 825-5742
[email protected]