"Considering music is hardly preeminent in peoples' minds, it really makes
a statement."
—--Tony Bazemore, AEC One-Stop Group


Enya Still Timely, Alicia Still Key and Bubba Ready to Spark, but Rapper Reigns
The U.S. is at war. The nation is at its highest stage of tactical alert. The economy continues to teeter precariously, along with the indelibly altered collective psyche of our people. Music sells.

Go figure.

In yet another week unlike any other week, consumers continued to embrace their red-white-and-blue right to buy music, as they propelled Murder Inc./ IDJ's Ja Rule to #1 with an impressive 400k first week.

"Considering music is hardly preeminent in peoples' minds, it really makes a statement," said AEC One-Stop Group's Tony Bazemore, who noted that hookers and blow are what's preeminent in peoples' minds. Hey, just kidding! Have we mentioned that laughter's the best medicine?

Besides Ja Rule, Reprise's Enya continues to amaze this week, jumping 4-3 on the strength of "Only Time," which has touched consumers unlike any other current song since the 9/11 tragedy. Also posting huge gains is Arista's Usher (9-8), whose sales jumped more than 20% over the previous week.

Rounding out this week's Top Five are Roc-A-Fella/IDJ's Jay-Z, Roadrunner/IDJ's Nickelback and J's Alicia Keys. Yes, kiddies, three of the Top Four belong to Island Def Jam Music Group. In addition, Warner Music Group has four albums in the Top 10. War is hell. Exactly how much hell is obviously relative.

The other notable debut of the week belonged to Almo/Interscope's Garbage at #11.

And speaking of strong Interscope debuts, wait until next week, when Bubba Sparxxx looks poised to emerge as a sign of America's inalienable right to sell records.

We send our best wishes for the safety of the men and women now serving this country overseas, and we realize none of this means jack shit compared to their well-being. Thanks. We needed that.