New PSA Campaign Ads Created by Brilliant Digital Entertainment Addressing Hate In America and Recent Acts of Terrorism
Rock The Vote brings you the heads of Moby, OutKast and Sisqo.

The organization founded by Warner Bros. Creative Director Jeff Ayeroff as a means to get young people registered and involved in the political process will digitize the heads of the three stars in a series of interactive ads designed to help inspire, educate and motivate youth to fight against hate crimes in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S.

The PSA campaign was created by Brilliant Digital Entertainment as a call to action, encouraging teens to get involved by signing a petition, joining the org's street teams or registering to vote online, powered by elections.com. The first phase of the campaign, which can be seen at www.brilliantdigital.com/rtv/sisqo, is a call to action by Ayeroff and IDJ's Lyor Cohen, targeting leaders in the music industry to get their artists involved.

The ads serve to educate and organize today's young people by encouraging them to sign a petition in support of national hate crime legislation introduced by Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy. The PSAs also feature links to the artists' personal fan sites.

Brilliant Digital's viral campaign uses their proprietary b3d technology, which brings true-to-life 3D celebrity faces to the Internet. It also lets them track responses, allowing Rock The Vote to target their audience even more effectively. The ads can be seen on site including E! Online, Warner Bros. Online and the Flipside Network, including www.iwin.com and www.uproar.com. Brilliant Digital is a leading developer of 3D technologies for rich media content creation, distribution and ad serving for the Net, seeking to make the political process interactive. A new animated celebrity facial rendering will be distributed every three weeks, reaching new demographics and maintaining the momentum of the campaign.