Smashing Screenblast, UMG/Euphonix Take On Marley, EAT'M, Ministry of Sound and U2

Musician Billy Corgan has introduced an exclusive online project via Sony Screenblast called "Glass and the Machines of God." The interactive story, one of the first to debut on the online entertainment portal built on Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment innovations, features 16 episodes about a rock star caught up in a mysterious adventure. Though "Glass" won't officially debut until later this year, site visitors can enter the "experience" and begin uncovering messages and paths embedded in the content. A trailer for the Corgan project and an in-depth interview about "Glass" are also available at the website. Said Screenblast Sr. VP/GM Andrew Schneider, while deciphering the messages embedded in his macaroni & cheese: "It's a powerful example of how the two-way, interactive power of the broadband medium can be used to involve users and bring them into the depth of the story experience. And you don't have to be in the same room as Billy."

Universal Music Group and digital technology company Euphonix Digital Technology have teamed together to begin recovering and restoring numerous Bob Marley recordings. Multi-track live recordings made between 1973-78 were rescued from the Universal's London vaults, in degrees of decay. Universal may have plans to turn the recordings into releases over the next year, while remastering and releasing other Marley albums. Said Artist Relations VP Stephen Smith: "With the tremendous potential for release of product in new high-resolution formats, such as DVD-A in 5.1 surround, it's time the recording industry wakes up and begins digitally archiving before they have vaults filled with dust and gum." Actually, the archiving didn't begin sooner, explained Smith, "because we got stoned."

Plans for the fourth annual EAT'M conference are under way. Conference organizers announced dates and initial schedules and panels for the music convention that has sparked the careers of Michelle Branch, Slipknot, Alien Ant Farm and Papa Roach. The 2002 EAT'M Conference is scheduled for May 29-31, 2002, at Las Vegas' MGM Grand, covering music, mentoring, demo critiquing sessions, artist showcases and oh yeah, $1.99 prime ribs. More information is available at the EAT'M website, www.eat-m.com, along with artist showcase submission information.

London dance label Ministry of Sound has launched its North American operation. In partnership with RED, the dance/club lifestyle brand will distribute mix, compilation and artist albums. The first steps in the launch are the upcoming releases of UK artist Bent, DJ Paul Van Dyke and the dance compilation album "The Annual 2002." In addition to recordings, the North Am arm will also be comprised of an events & promotions division, and a media division, handling club and festival sponsorships and developing radio and TV programming respectively. All releases will come with free hits of Ecstasy.

U2 begins the sold-out third leg of their "Elevation" tour tonight (9/11) at Notre Dame University in South Bend, IN. The performance will be filmed and webcast at the band's website, www.u2.com, where registered visitors can check out the entire concert and get the full list of remaining dates. This leg of the tour ends November 19 at L.A.'s Staples Center, when Bono will donate all proceeds from the concerts to end the debt of Third World countries. Whaddaya mean he's not doing that?