Burbank Speculators Speculate That One David May Be Replaced By Another
Longtime Warner Bros. Records Executive VP David Altschul will step down from his post, reportedly at the end of the year.

Altschul’s move renews speculation that former Capitol President David Berman may be headed back to the Bunny. Berman worked with current Warner Bros. Records Chairman Tom Whalley at Capitol when the latter was honing his A&R skills at the Tower following an earlier stint at WB.

Berman originally left Warner Bros. for the Presidency of Capitol and was replaced by Altschul. At the time, many expected Berman to return to Burbank after his Tower run ended, but he went on to serve at Geffen and then Disney.

During his tenure at Warners, industry veteran Altschul had a front-row seat on the label’s roller-coaster ride, witnessing the comings and goings of many top WMG and WB executives through the years, including Mo Ostin, Michael Fuchs, Bob Morgado, Bob Daly and Terry Semel and Russ Thyret.

In related news, Rich Fitzgerald ended his 19-year tenure in Burbank on Friday. Fitzgerald exited as Exec. VP Marketing at Warner Bros. and was previously GM at Reprise, where he kept up a steady stream of patter through the '80s and the '90s.